If you haven’t got it yet, BeBeautiful’s still in the Women’s Day groove. Considering fashion is our ultimate muse, we decided to tap into feminist fashion for this one. Let’s start with what Jane Fonda had said- “This is what a feminist looks like; smart, together, wearing red lipstick if she so pleases.” Now that is basically the brand of ‘fashion feminism’ we vouch for. However, there are many layers to the ‘fashion feminism’ story and here is our two cents.

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The year 2014 witnessed an incredible change in social ethos as the feminist movement picked momentum and reclaimed its voice – Emma Watson called herself a feminist in her brilliant speech to the UN and spoke against the violation of women’s rights. Coming not more than a week since Watson’s speech, the unthinkable happened: feminism put on Chanel and marched into the realm of high fashion! Yes!

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In September last year Karl Lagerfeld surprised the world as his models swapped bags for feminist placards - one read ‘Feminist But Feminine’, and marched for the Chanel “street protest”, at the finale of Paris Fashion Week, screaming slogans demanding women’s rights.

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Now forgive us for being cynical but we can’t help recall what Karl Lagerfeld was once heard saying- “Coco Chanel was never ugly enough to be a feminist” he had said amidst other anti-feminist statements the designer is known to have made! Well, while the iconic creative director may not have taken feminism too seriously in the past, he appears to have now enlightened himself with the core ideology of the brand. Coco Chanel after all was very much the pioneer of women’s fashion that challenged gender expectations.

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While the show and Lagerfeld did invite staunch criticism for jumping on the feminist bandwagon to sell the high street brand, some believe that the show was further proof of the feminist movement’s momentum! Either way, when we see that Caroline de Maigret picture at the protest march, wearing that Chanel pinstripe pantsuit, we are convinced it’s time for fashion to befriend feminism. And no, models are no activists but feminist fashion might just prove to be a breakthrough for new wave feminism. Here’s to the power suit, ladies!

Picture credit: Getty Images