The scarf is a timeless and versatile accessory for a woman but unfortunately it often gets a step-motherly treatment and mostly because we don’t know how to maximise it to the fullest. Here’s a list of ways in which you can wear your scarf and love it too!
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Dress up your handbag
When you want to dress up your basic tan or black bag in a jiffy, your beloved scarf will come to the rescue. Just tie a messy bow on your handle and you are good to go. This adds colour and layers to your ensemble, upping the ante on style immediately.

Make it a hair accessory
The regular hairband style is good for a pool party but you can try something different by actually using your scarf like a ribbon and plaiting it into your hair to get an oversized bow at the end. This boho and stylish look is sure to be a head-turner. A great style for the beach or lunch with the girls.

Wear it as a necklace
Sometimes, just adding a bit of colour is all you need to make your outfit pop! Use your scarf to that effect and give your most boring t-shirt and jeans look a makeover. Just knot up the loose end at the back to achieve desired length and voila!

Belt it up
A scarf belt is a great way to drive attention to your worked-out booty. Wear it over your skinnies with a tee or even with a loose shirt and  crinkled skirt combo to channel the gypsy in you.

Turn it into a jacket
Simply throw on your scarf over your shoulders and belt it up at your waist to create your very own scarf-jacket. This looks great over a maxi dress. Pick a silk scarf for a night out or a cutesy one for the day.