What’s the big fuss about movie stars being well dressed! Actors are well dressed by default but well dressed women in politics, now that’s something to look out for. Well-turned out women in politics aren’t too many but those that are well dressed are fashion icons in their own right. Here’s listing out some of our favourites…

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Michelle Obama

The first lady of the USA, Michelle Obama makes a style statement of her own each time she makes a public appearance. From her hair dos to her ability to dress the part, she carries forward the mantle of a stylish White House legacy. Making a conscious decision to wear designers from all over the globe, Mrs. Obama makes some daring wardrobe choices but manages to ace the style game every time.

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Sonia Gandhi

When you see an Italian lady dress ethnic in Indian handloom sarees, you know there is something intriguing about her sense of dressing. Always an epitome of grace and poise, Sonia Gandhi is the official brand ambassador for Indian handlooms. She has been quoted saying, on Indian fashion, “Fashion has always been part of Indian life and culture. Indians have a very highly developed aesthetic sense, a sense of style and elegance which can be seen in the vibrant colours of a rural woman's sarees, her lehenga, ohrni or the cut of her choli. Every state has its distinct tradition of weaving, dyeing, printing, embroidery and beadwork." And her preference to opt only for these makes her the best ambassador for our handloom industry.

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Benazir Bhutto

Her early days at Oxford saw her sporting Victorian fashion but once Benazir Bhutto moved to Pakistan to pursue her political career, she dialed her dressing sense down to suit the more conservative elements of society. Ever since then, the white shalwar and dupatta with different coloured kurtaas became her trade mark style, better known as the her power suit.

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Kate Middleton

Every look the Duchess of Cambridge sports makes news. Her royal fashion portfolio is definitely something to watch out for. Right from her university days to her pre-marital phase, from her bridal gown to her maternity looks recently, Middleton wears her regal stature with utmost simplicity and panache.

Images : Huffpost

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Hillary Clinton

Pant suits and pearls is pretty much how we can sum up Hillary Clintons’s standard style statement. And yet her best looks have been those where she has replaced her pant suit with a skirt suit, such as the emerald blue one that she wore for a rendezvous with Princess Diana, her golden gown when she won the Grammy Gold are some of her older looks we absolutely love.

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