It’s difficult to put a single adjective on mommies! Mothers play multiple roles in our lives – she’s the friend, the confidante and if need be then the father too. A mother is all that and more. This Mother’s Day therefore, in celebration of motherhood, we put together a fun list of our favourite mommies from Hollywood movies…

favourite hollywood mommies julia roberts erin brockvich 430x550

Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich

Unapologetic, true to herself even badass – she’s what every mother would turn into if put in Brockovich’s shoes! An unemployed single mother of three who refuses to be weakened by her circumstances but deals with them and the responsibility of her kids head on – and does so on her own terms! A spectacular display of guts, bravado and the softer side to every tough mom, this is one of our favourites.

Image: Pinterest

favourite hollywood mommies julie andrews sound music 600x400

Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music

‘Doe, a deer, a female deer, Ray a drop of golden sun …” goes the Do Re Me song we have all grown up singing at our school choir. This iconic song from the movie, that no one can deny having hummed and loved so much is when Maria transforms from being a governess to a confidante and then a mother to the kids. Surely the song rings some bells and brings back the days your mum spent making you learn those hymns and rhymes!

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favourite hollywood mommies susan sarandon stepmom 430x550

Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon in Stepmom

Julia as the stepmom and Susan as the mother, both play two very distinct mothers in the film. And as different as they are, we have all seen shades of both these characters in our own mums! At times she is the cool mommy who let us be and then there are times when she treats the umbilical cord as the leash! Either way, the mums we see in the film together make a perfect combination, much like our own!

favourite hollywood mommies winona ryder edward scissorhands 600x400

Winona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands

Come on, who are we kidding? As old as we may be, we all have memories of being put to bed with stories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Tapping in on those childhood memories is this film, Edward Scissorhands. Even though it is a typical Tim Burton, dark fantasy that is mainly focused on Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, as an elderly woman who appears in the beginning of the movie manages to steal the show as an endearing narrator and makes us miss our grand mums.


favourite hollywood mommies queen elinor brave 600x400

Queen Elinor in Brave

This Disney fairytale is nothing like the others for this one delves into the complexities of a mother-daughter relationship. The movie is woven around Merida, a princess who defies age-old customs and upsets her mother by refusing to be betrothed. Yeah, now how many mums and daughters can relate to that one! The film is a beautiful take on the mother-daughter relationship.