8 Of The Cutest Baby Bumps On Instagram

Written by Shreya ContractorSep 21, 2018
8 of the cutest baby bumps on Instagram

Remember those memes that circulate on the Internet about people getting married and having babies while you’re still here, trying to figure where to order food from? While they’re funny and highly relatable in the moment, they won’t be that hilarious when you find yourself planning out your future. Like these celebrities here, who are so excitedly prepping for the next phase of their lives, and posting photos on Instagram while they’re at it!

Here’s a roundup of the cutest baby bumps on Instagram RN!



Esha Deol

Of course Queen Bey tops our list! A pregnancy photoshoot like that isn't something everyone can pull off. Where them Insta-awards at?


Lisa Haydon

Esha Deol

Lisa’s first pregnancy has been giving us all the warm feels from seeing her on a beachcation with besties to this totally adorbs husband click!


Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Esha Deol

Move over Blake, here's another lady who knows to work the red carpet, preggers or not, with even hotter man candy by her side.


Soha Ali Khan

Esha Deol

Soha and Kunal have been hitting all the right chords with us from dating to moving in, getting married and now, expecting their first child together. Equation: Reality > Dreams


Serena Williams

Esha Deol

Serena’s message to her baby read—from the world's oldest number one to the world's youngest number one…
And we think that's strength and empowerment enough for a child that hasn't even been born yet!


Amal Clooney

Esha Deol

If Coco Chanel lived long enough to see Lady Clooney, we’re pretty darn sure she'd say all was not lost—sigh! That's a lady that's two things: classy and fabulous.



Esha Deol

In case you were wondering if you could still pull off the jocks-and-dungarees look when preggers—here's your answer. You can do anything you want, girl!


Esha Deol

Esha Deol

This just in: Esha Deol with husband Bharat Takhtani are the newest expectant parents in B-town. While it may be too soon to see any bump pictures yet, here’s another winter baby for Bollywood to wait on!

Image Credits: Instagram, Glamour

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