Love handles are far from lovely, right? They stop us from wearing fitted dresses, skinny jeans and those sexy pencil skirts. If this has been your worry all along, it’s about time you stopped complaining and actually embraced a workout that will banish the muffin top you always loathed. One of the most effective workouts for love handles is the plank workout as they will tone up your muscles under those ugly love handles and also strengthen your core. Oh and did we mention how it’s also going to give you that sculpted tush, ladies! So get on the floor and get that body moving with these three effective plank workouts.

Standard plank



Standard plankNot to frighten you but if your body has been stiff for a while, a plank can seem like a daunting task. But if you want those sexy abs, this is the best way to do it. For any plank workout remember that your body you must keep your body in a straight line at all times and your abs tight so you can align your spine straight. Start with the standard plank—place the forearms on the floor with the elbows aligned below the shoulders. Your arms should be parallel to the body with shoulder-width distance. Hold the position for about two minutes or you can even try push ups but make sure the position of your hands does not change.



London Bridge plank



London Bridge plankPlanks not only give you that perfect waistline but also work your hamstrings, glutes, shoulders, back and inner thighs. Once you’ve mastered the standard plank, you have the stamina and focus to do the London Bridge plank. For this, twist your body from one side to the other but make the movements slow because you don’t want to end up hurting yourself. Repeat 15 times and do three sets for the perfect workout session.



Leg raise plank



Leg raise plankWant something more rigorous? Leg raise planks are perfect for you! These will work your legs and waist. To do this, brace your core, fold your knees and lift one foot off the floor. Do 10 lifts on one side, and then switch legs. Doing this regularly will slowly but surely banish that muffin top and help you flaunt that sexy waist. Crop tops, here we come!