6 Foods That Can Sap Energy And Make You Feel Tired

Written by Chandni GhoshFeb 25, 2016
Do you often complain of fatigue and sluggishness for no apparent reason? Well, the answer could be your diet. You might be unaware but certain foods are major energy sappers and often slow you down. If you wish to know what these are, here’s a list…


Dark chocolate

If you thought that grabbing a banana would give you that much-needed energy you need in order to finish your presentation, you need to rethink this option. Well, that’s because bananas contain magnesium, which is in fact, a mineral that puts you to sleep. They’re like muscle relaxants and should be had right before hitting bed so you can enjoy a sound sleep!


Bad carbs

Dark chocolate

We’re talking to you, white bread and white rice! Ever noticed how you order a plate of rice for lunch and then end up upsetting your boss because you’ve slowed down at work? These are the kind of foods that make you tired after eating them. Here’s the reason— when you choose carbs like these with a high glycemic index, you lose out on nutrients that can keep you energized. Such carbs don’t have too much fiber so they can break down very quickly thereby ensuring that you don’t get that punch of energy you usually get from whole grains.



Dark chocolate

When you eat sugary foods, your blood sugar immediately rises. This is when your pancreas flood your bloodstream with insulin. This might cause a sudden burst of energy but it hardly lasts long. The insulin lowers your blood sugar and you soon begin to feel lethargic and slow!



Dark chocolate

Salmon is rich in Vitamin B6, which is great but the only downside here is that the body uses this vitamin to make melatonin, which is a sleep hormone. This is the kind of food that makes you feel sleepy. This is why salmon has sedative effects and should be avoided when you’re at a lunch meeting with colleagues or have something important that needs your attention in the next few hours.


Red meat

Dark chocolate

Yes, non-vegetarians, you love your red meat but truth be told, this is also the reason why you might be feeling drowsy and low on energy after binging on a meal of lamb or pork. These foods are high in fat and the body uses a lot of its energy to break such foods down, which ultimately causes you to feel rather sleepy and slow.


Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

We all devour dark chocolate but little did you know that this type of chocolate has the powers of making you feel sluggish and sleepy? That’s because it contains serotonin that can make you feel unusually relaxed—something that you don’t wish for when you’re fighting a day loaded with work.

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