So you’ve decided to get fit, signed up for a membership at the gym and now comes the hardest part—getting there day on day. We totally understand—routines might be boring to some people, especially when the changes you want to see aren’t that immediate. If you’re stuck in a bit of a workout rut and need some motivation to get out of bed and the door as per schedule, here are a few motivational fitness quotes to hang on the side of your bed (better still, make them your phone wallpaper) to get you up and going…
fitness quotes hordwork pays

No one said there was an easy way out—hard work pays, always.

fitness quotes gym locker

A mantra that belongs in every woman’s gym locker.

fitness quotes small steps

As the quote goes, if you want to reach a distant goal, you’ve got to take small steps.

fitness quotes single step

Most fitness journeys start with a single step—getting your butt out the door!

fitness quotes workouts

Perfect for everyone at ground zero who finds workouts overwhelming!

fitness quotes lifiting

Why would you choose to be anything else?
Quit procrastinating, start lifting!

fitness quotes truer words

Truer words were never spoken.

fitness quotes showing up

Remember forever—showing up is 90% of the job done!