Call it the Dostana affect or call it a surge of Biden-Obama memes that has defined the concept of #SquadGoals for this generation and many more to come—bromances are one of those special relationships that truly warm the cockles of our hearts. At the BB headquarters we can debate for days on who makes the final cut, but here are the undebatable contenders that top the list.

Ranbir Kapoor and Ayan Mukerjee

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We caught whiff of their bromance during Wake Up Sid and the two haven’t stopped since. Ayan—responsible for giving us one of Ranbir’s most swooned-after characters with Bunny is in the process of converting the superstar into a superhero and we can’t wait for the dynamic duo to get back to work. What goes on behind the scenes clearly translates to a legendary cinematic experience—one that we’re more than ready for. Have at it boys!

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Barack Obama & Joe Biden

Barack Obama & Joe Biden

Anything we say will never do justice to this power couple. And while the mere mention of the two brings a smile to the face and a twinkle to the eye—it’s followed by a true-blue surge of depression thinking of the White House sans Obama-Biden. Still, we’ve got the memes.


Farhan Akhtar & Hrithik Roshan

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These childhood bum-chums have worked together aplenty, but we got to witness it first hand on their blockbuster Spanish roadtrip—complete with scuba-diving, fighting over Katrina Kaif and La Tomatina—this is one camaraderie to keep an eye out for.

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Ranveer Singh & Arjun Kapoor

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Love knows no boundaries when it comes to these two babas and we’re only too thrilled to see them together—be it a red carpet bear hug, an interview together where they’re completing each other’s sentences/musical renditions or sticking up for each other whenever they can. With these two around you truly can #FeelTheBromance.


Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart

Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are known for sharing a special kind of bond. In one interview Stephen Colbert said Stewart was his inspiration and that he was lucky not just to have him as a friend but also a mentor. Awww!

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