Did You Know These 10 Celebrities Were Scorpios?

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 04, 2018
Did you know these 10 celebrities were Scorpios?
Scorpio season is officially upon us! The Scorpio sign is the 8th sign of the Zodiac and starts its cycle on the 23rd of October going on until the 21st of November. People born under this sign are considered mysterious, secretive, possessive, passionate and loyal. They’re a water sign, which means it won’t be wrong to compare their emotions with the ocean, extremely deep. Some of our most favourite celebrities, both Hollywood and Bollywood are born under this sign, so let’s take a look at the Scorpio celebrities and decode their Scorpio personalities!

Shah Rukh Khan (November 2, 1965)

Raveena Tandon (October 26, 1974)

It would just be unfair to kick start this Scorpio story without putting the badshah of Bollywood on top of our list. He’s fierce, witty, sarcastic and self-made which makes him appealing to the world. His success story can be totally turned into a movie and we bet it’ll be an award-winning one. At a recent interview, he was addressed as Salman by a reporter named Leepika, who he calmly addressed as Deepika and later sarcastically apologized. This definitely has to be our favourite Shah Rukh moment in the recent past.


Sushmita Sen (November 19, 1975)

Raveena Tandon (October 26, 1974)

Talking about fierce celebrities, how can we possibly miss Sushmita Sen. She’s stunning and smart, being the first Indian to win the Miss Universe crown in 1994. Without giving two hoots about what the world says behind her back, she went on to break stereotypes, a true Scorpio trait, by choosing to remain a single mum to two adopted daughters.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (November 1, 1973)

Raveena Tandon (October 26, 1974)

From being voted one of the most beautiful women in the world, making heads turn with her stunning fashion choices at red carpets, clapping back at David Letterman about his derogatory comment towards Indian culture to being the royal bahu of the most prestigious family in Bollywood, this woman has achieved all too much and exudes the Scorpio traits of fierceness, loyalty and poise.


Leonardo DiCaprio (November 11, 1974)

Raveena Tandon (October 26, 1974)

An actor who certainly channels his intense Scorpio energy into stellar performances, Leo seems to be the perfect emotion chameleon on -creen. Right from his younger days in ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ (for which he won an award) to portraying Romeo in Romeo + Juliet to his latest Oscar-winning performance (finally!) in ‘The Revenant’ and his environmental crusade, the tenacity of his sign shines through.


Winona Ryder (October 29, 1971)

Raveena Tandon (October 26, 1974)

Winona Ryder is easily considered one of the most iconic celebrities from the 1990s. She’s worked with Tim Burton, Woody Allen and most recently been a part of everyone’s favourite show–Stranger Things. Her most dominant Scorpio trait is that she’s emotionally vulnerable, something she claims makes her cynical and moody behaviour.


Kamal Haasan (November 7, 1954)

Raveena Tandon (October 26, 1974)

He is an actor, director, screenwriter, lyricist, and producer. But most importantly, he’s a great father. There’s nothing this man hasn’t achieved. He’s fearless, experimental and always on his feet. He is deeply passionate about his work and that’s the Scorpio quality that we absolutely adore.


Anne Hathaway (November 12, 1982)

Raveena Tandon (October 26, 1974)

Unlike most Scorpios, Anne is extremely chirpy and outspoken. It almost seems like she’s not a Scorpio. But one main Scorpio trait is that they are great at hiding emotions; they could be feeling extremely down and you’d never know. She’s spiritual, analytical and enjoys solitude. Now those are some familiar Scorpio traits she possesses!


Zeenat Amaan (November 19, 1954)

Raveena Tandon (October 26, 1974)

She was the first South Asian woman to win the Miss Asia Pacific title in 1970. She’s bold, speaks her mind and is extremely mysterious, all of which are dominant Scorpio traits. Even now, after so many years, she’s considered to be one of the sexiest women Bollywood has ever had!


Rachel McAdams (November 17, 1978)

Raveena Tandon (October 26, 1974)

She won our hearts in ‘The Notebook’ and crafted the mean girl stereotype by playing Regina George who everyone loved to hate. She possesses the true Scorpio traits of leadership and isn’t very good with showing her emotions IRL. Nevertheless, we love her!


Raveena Tandon (October 26, 1974)

Raveena Tandon (October 26, 1974)

She’s the powerful Scorpio woman who has always been strongly opinionated about things, and hasn’t been afraid to say them out loud. From being harassed and trolled online to coming out on the AIB podcast to talk about the issue, we love the way she stands up for women and hope she continues to do so!

And those were our favourite Scorpio celebrities! Do you love them or do you love them?

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