While cyber stalking will never stop being creepy, social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – have only compounded the matter further. And with celebs taking to all the three platforms, Instagram seeming to be the most personal of all, no one can really blame us for wanting to take a peek inside their lives. Here’s our list of the 5 Bollywood belles you need to follow on Instagram…

5 bollywood celebs to follow on instagram bipasha basu 430x550

Bipasha Basu
The two things that’s surprised us about Bips’ Instagram profile?
A. The fact that it’s public and B. The fact that Miss. Basu is so comfortable sharing so many of her real time updates with all of us (you go girl!)But since she is one of the best dressed ladies in the biz and we’re generally giving two thumbs up to her wardrobe choices, especially all those elegant saris, we’re not complaining… at all!

Instagram handle: @bipashabasu

5 bollywood celebs to follow on instagram sonam kapoor 430x550

Sonam Kapoor
If there’s one actor who knows how to use Instagram to her advantage it’s got to be Sonam Kapoor. The majority of the photos on her handle are from magazine and editorial photo shoots and of course, all her new movie promotions. Unlike Bipasha, Sonam uploads only the occasional candid photograph but since we’ve got a permanent crush on her wardrobe (and her stylist,) we absolutely wouldn’t mind overlooking all that PR to get a glimpse of some killer outfits!
Special mention for that selfie with Narendra Modi, tagged #modivate.

Instagram handle: @sonamkapoor

5 bollywood celebs to follow on instagram nargis fakhri 430x550

Nargis Fakhri
If you wish to follow Nargis, expect a lot of inspirational quotes, food photos (including pani puri as well as sushi)and super candid Insta videos with her best buds.
In addition, she also has quite a cheeky sense of humour (who knew!) and apart from the glitzy shoot/promotion photos, you’ll realise that Nargis is like any of us – just another hungry girl having a great time (and posting about it.)

Instagram handle: @nargilove

5 bollywood celebs to follow on instagram sonakshi sinha 430x550

Sonakshi Sinha
Don’t think twice about following this girl. There’s a certain honesty and matter-of-factly-ness about Sonakshi that we’ve loved since we read her first interview. And her Insta feed is just another reflection of that – she’s uninhibited, super honest and the best part – she isn’t afraid to make fun of herself. Absolutely our kinda girl!

Instagram handle: @aslisona

5 bollywood celebs to follow on instagram priyanka chopra 430x550

Priyanka Chopra
And how could any list be complete without the lovely PC. While we love her inimitable style and globetrotting, celeb name and photo dropping updates, be warned, it does come at the price of scrolling through one too many selfies.
Special mention for that photo with Anushka Sharma poking fun at all the rumours.

Instagram handle: priyankachopra