The One Thing We’d Steal From Our Bollywood Stars

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 06, 2016
Our Bollywood celebs are quite the role models. After all, it is through their movies and appearances that they teach us so much—from style lessons to fitness goals. We often look up to them and hope that their magic would rub off on us too. Well, if that were to happen, here’s listing what we’d want from each of these stars.

Deepika Padukone’s perfect 10 body

Anushka Sharma’s flawless skin

For us, Deepika Padukone can never have a bad day. After all, she looks drop-dead gorgeous every time she steps out. A designer’s delight, Dippy makes every piece of clothing look so effortlessly stylish. You know why? Well, the girl has one helluva enviable body. From the perfect abs to the prettiest collar bones coupled with that stunning posture, Ms. Padukone has a body that can pull off everything to the tee.


Kareena Kapoor’s pout

Anushka Sharma’s flawless skin

There are so many things that we’d love to steal from Kareena Kapoor Khan. But most of all, we’d want that stunning pout she flaunts everywhere. While many actresses go under the knife to get a pout, Bebo has always made a statement with her natural pout. No wonder then that when it comes to red lipstick, nobody pulls it off better than her.


Kangana Ranaut’s wardrobe

Anushka Sharma’s flawless skin

Hey Kangana Ranaut, can we please steal your sense of style? From the casual looks at airports to ravishing appearances in saris, this girl nails every look she wears. You know what makes her more fun? The fact that she’s not afraid of experimenting when it comes to clothes. And oh, she’s also the girl who doesn’t shy away from repeating her outfits. Such a diva, isn’t she?


Twinkle Khanna’s tongue-in-cheek humour

Anushka Sharma’s flawless skin

From her column in a daily or her Twitter account, Twinkle Khanna’s words never fail to make us laugh. Her tongue-in-cheek sense of humour through her writings has given her rave reviews and won her several fans who adore her for her writing style. Not too long ago, Khanna even turned author with her book MrsFunnybones that was quite a hit amongst many readers.


Anushka Sharma’s flawless skin

Anushka Sharma’s flawless skin

Beauty lovers, we know what good skin means to us. And if there’s someone in Bollywood who has gorgeous skin, it is Anushka Sharma. Her looks sans makeup are just as gorgeous as her appearances with makeup. No wonder then that when it comes to naturally beautiful skin, many look up to this beauty.

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