We have to admit—Instagram makes the stalker in us happy. And if we like stalking someone, it has to be a Bollywood celeb. After all, it gives us a sneak peek into their personal lives that we otherwise don’t get to see in their larger-than-life movies. This year saw them uploading some interesting pictures; some adorable, some shocking and some downright funny. Want to know which are this year’s best Instagram moments? Take a look.

best celebrity instagrams of 2015 600x400

Doesn’t Alia Bhatt look like a total doll in this picture? Posing for the camera, the Bhatt girl seems to have had the star vibe in her even back then. Looks like this one’s a born star. KJo, you got this find bang on!

celebrity instagrams of 2015 600x400

What happens when cuteness meets hotness? This picture! Check out Imran Khan looking smokin’ hot with his l’il Imara in the pool. Makes us go aww every time we see it.

celebrity instagrams of 2015 jacqueline 600x400

Meet Miumiu, Jacqueline Fernandez’s adorable kitty. The girl is known to be an animal lover and seems to be quite attached to her cat. Such BFFs, we tell you!

celebrity instagrams of 2015 kareena karisma 600x400

The Kapoor girls were always meant for showbiz. See Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma Kapoor posing like soul sisters here.

celebrity instagrams of 2015 deepika ranveer 600x400

We’ve seen several couples look good together but Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s are from another world of good-looking. Hey lovebirds, here’s hoping you never break up.

celebrity instagrams of 2015 shahid kapoor 600x400

We haven’t stopped laughing ever since we saw this hilarious picture of Shahid Kapoor, perhaps from his dance academy days. The costume, the look, the click—it’s all hurting our eyes. But hey, we’ve got to give it to the Sasha for putting this up. Not many can laugh at themselves after all.

celebrity instagrams of 2015 shraddha kapoor 600x400

We thought only we celebrate with cake smashes but here’s Shraddha Kapoor looking goofy as ever with a cake face. A far cry from the la-di-da Bollywood heroines, this girl knows how to have fun.

celebrity instagrams of 2015 sonam kapoor 600x400

Think Sonam Kapoor, who’s always well-turned out, doesn’t have a tiring day? Well, this click should prove you wrong. Check her out taking a nap in an adorable night suit. Candid moment at its best!