3 K-Beauty Hacks To De-Tan Your Skin

Written by Sumona BoseNov 30, 2023
3 K-beauty hacks to de-tan your skin

Ever wondered how those who practise K-beauty routines have clear and even-toned skin? The reason behind this is that K-beauty routines place a high emphasis on using sunscreen religiously and have skin brightening ingredients in almost all of their skincare staples. But that’s not all. From massaging techniques that physically exfoliate your skin to products and DIY recipes that help de-tan the skin, you can find many gems in K-beauty rituals. For today, we are looking at three of their most effective DIY remedies for skin tanning. Check them out below...


01. DIY rice water mist

Green tea rinse

Rice water is a popular ingredient in many k-beauty products and is coveted for its skin brightening and anti-ageing properties. Some of the compounds found in rice water are known to lighten pigment and help de-tan your skin. Regular use is also associated with protecting your skin from further sun damage and darkening.

How to use it: The best way to use it is as a homemade DIY spray. Extract rice water by either boiling or soaking clean rice in water for 30 minutes. Pour the water in an opaque spray bottle (to avoid sun exposure), add some fresh aloe vera juice in it and shake it up. Mist tanned areas of your face and body a few times a day for best results.



02. Yoghurt face mask

Green tea rinse

The probiotic content of yoghurt makes it a staple on Korean desserts and essential addition to their skincare routines. Known for functioning as a natural moisturiser and skin brightening agent, yoghurt can help gently cleanse dead skin cells off of your skin. While you cannot go around slathering yoghurt all over your body, it can be a good daily remedy for removing tan from your face.

How to use - Mix yoghurt, lemon juice and honey in a glass bowl. Apply the mixture all over your face for 25-30 minutes before stepping into a shower. Wash off with lukewarm water and follow up with a good moisturiser.


03. Green tea rinse

Green tea rinse

Rich in catechins, which are potent antioxidants, and phenolic acid, a refreshing cup of green tea can double up as a de-tanning remedy with little to no effort. Green tea also has an anti-inflammatory effect, cooling down your skin and boosting cell renewal to help manage the side effects of tanning. When used consistently, this remedy can help clear out your skin effectively.

How to use - The best part about a green tea rinse is that it is easy to do. Brew a nice fresh cup of green tea and let it cool down. Use it as a rinse at the start of your skincare routine, leave for 2-3 minutes, and wash off with water. Green tea rinse can help de-tan your body as well!

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