It's undoubtedly the era of bubble braids. Not only are they a fun way to elevate your hair game, but it’s their versatility to go from a cute brunch updo to a high fashion hairdo that makes them so special and coveted. The best part? A bubble braid works on all hair types, from pin straight to 4C textures. So here are five trendy bubble braid hairstyles for every hair type. Read on and get your bubble on! *sigh on a fail attempt at a pun*


01. Thick hair O’clock

Thick hair O’clock

Image courtesy: @Chic boom

The classic bubble braid works wonders on this hair type. Just gather all your hair up in the back and start securing it with hair ties leaving an even gap between sections. You can even do the same in two braids if you’re feeling extra experimental. Make sure to use strong hair ties and wrap them with a small section of your hair before heading towards securing the next hair tie.


02. A curl’s best friend

A curl’s best friend

Image courtesy: @Glaminati

Fellow curly hair girl here and I am here to tell you that this bubble braid works in every way possible. It tames the hair and makes it manageable while looking absolutely fun and quirky. Just prep your hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum to get rid of frizz and go about making a classic bubble braid or a French bubble braid but adding sections from both sides as you work your way to the bottom. Bubble braids add a smoothened texture and are perfect for days when your curls are just lacking bounce. Guess we found our new favourite way of styling day three hair.


03. Wave it for a rainy day

Wave it for a rainy day

Image courtesy:@Grazia France

Bubble braids are a super easy, time-saving and spunky way to add texture to your wavy hair. Just go for a half braid updo and pull out your hair from the crown with your fingers for added volume and texture. Voila! A high fashion hairdo in a matter of minutes with next to zero effort.


04. Short hair for the win

Short hair for the win

Image courtesy:@The Right Hairstyles

This one is SO cute; I’m contemplating cutting my hair just so I can do this updo because it just looks so stunning on short hair. Just follow the same method of a crown French braid and keep adding hair from the front to every section and you have the cutest and whimsical hairdo at your disposal.


05. Go to straight lengths

Go to straight lengths

Image courtesy:@gigihadid

You cannot talk about bubble braids without mentioning Gigi Hadid and her stunning front bubble braids. This one, while suitable for all hair types, particularly suits straight or fine hair. Just divide your hair from the middle and take small sections of your locks from the front. Make a basic bubble braid with the small sections in the front on either side and you’re good to go! And hey, twinning with Gigi? Hell yes!