Yup, we’re in the final leg of 2021 and in a blink, this year ended too! But we’re looking forward to the new year - not because we have big resolutions to make (hah!), but because new years means new fashion, style and makeup trends! And keeping up with this spirit, we have mapped five nail art ideas that you need to know about to rock in 2022. So, without any further ado, read on and bookmark your favourites!


1. Floral love

Floral love

Image Courtesy: @Fashionisers

For spring 2022, floral designs are going to be a huge trend. Although floral nail art for spring isn’t exactly a new idea (obviously!), you can always play with colour and add a fun touch to your nails. You can paint cutesy peonies or pretty daisy flowers on your digits and you’d be ready to slay!


2. Understated accents

Understated accents

Image Courtesy: @Fashionisers

If minimalist manicure styles is what tingles your hearts, then you’re going to love this trend in the new year. Understated accents are one of the biggest nail art trends to look out for in the new year, so make sure you bookmark some really cool ones before heading out for your manicure appointment.


3. Metallic French tips

Metallic French tips

Image Courtesy: @Total Beauty 

French manicure is one nail trend that never goes out of style, but it sure gets updated from time to time! For 2022, metallic French tips are going to be a huge must-try. You can opt for gold or silver-hued tips and amp up your style quotient in no time.


4. 70s wavy

70s wavy

Image Courtesy: @Have Need Want

If you thought wavy, swirly patterns had their moment in 2021, then you are highly mistaken! This trend is going to be with us throughout the next year too! We suggest you switch and try new nail colours for every season to make your swirly 70s pattern a hit every time in the new year.


5. Glitzy glam

Glitzy glam

Image Courtesy: @thehangedit

For the love of all things glittery and glamorous, the new year is going to be full of it - at least for your tips! From full on shimmery nail colours to glitzy minimalist nail art, you can try them all in 2022 and still look fab. You can also add bold embellishments and studs in your nails to make them look even more fun and glamorous.

Main Image Courtesy: @Have Need Want