5 Nail Art Ideas You Gotta Try This October To Make Your Nails Look Fab

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
5 Nail Art Ideas You Gotta Try This October To Make Your Nails Look Fab

We read somewhere, “Your nails are a way to speak your style without having to say a word.” And we couldn’t agree more! From scrolling through your Instagram feeds to get the ‘right’ design to sitting for hours to get it perfect - it’s a long journey we commit to. So, if you love your nails as much as we do, then you’re going to love what we have for you here. We have listed out five cool and must-try nail art ideas for this October that you need to replicate for yourselves. Sounds fun? Read on and bookmark your favorites!


1. Adding the fall vibes

A dose of colour

Image Courtesy: @mgts | art & hobbies

This one is a sight for sore eyes. Complete with fall colours, shiny sparkles and plaid designs, this nail art idea is perfect to add that cool fall vibe to your nails. The mix of orange and chocolate nail paint hues with a little sparkle can amp up your nail game this October. So, shape up your nails and try out this nail art idea.


2. Flower (minimal) power

A dose of colour

Image Courtesy: @overglowedit

It might be autumn and the flowers might not be blooming right now, but you can sure add that floral power to your nails with this super cute nail art design. It’s minimalist and detailed and we’re totally diggin’ for this style for this month. You can keep your base nail colour as nude or some pretty pastel hue and then draw tiny flowers all over it, before adding some stone gems to finish the style.


3. A little Halloween spook

A dose of colour

Image Courtesy: @Beautiful Dawn | Arts & Crafts · Crochet Patterns · Drawing Ideas

Halloween might not be big in India, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add a little spooky touch to our nails for this celebration. We’re especially in love with this nail art idea - all thanks to the mix of nude shades, swirly ghost and bat designs and the gorgeous golden sparkles. It is a perfect fall and halloween mix on your tips - all puns intended!


4. Pretty swirls

A dose of colour

Image Courtesy: @lightslacquer

Yup, the swirl design isn’t leaving us behind in October either. A big nail trend in 2021, the pretty swirls are what you need on your nails this month to put your best nail game forward. Go for dark colours like gray, chocolate brown or blue to draw swirls on your nails. You can create thick and bold waves on your nails or be more precise and opt for thin ones - it all works beautifully!


5. A dose of colour

A dose of colour

Image Courtesy: @nailsbyyagal

If you aren’t one to stay subtle and sombre with your nail designs, then fret not, we got something for you too! Try out these colourful swirly designs this October to add a little oomph to your nails. The idea is to choose popping colours like mint green, pink and blue for the base of your nails and draw swirls all over them with darker hues.

Main Image Courtesy: @nailsbyyagal

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