If you’ve ever dreamt of putting together a fancy boudoir, chances are, the first item on your checklist was yards and yards of velvet. Yep, this gorgeous fabric is always a stand-out from the rest; its texture instantly recognisable and so satisfying to touch. And since most fashion trends are easily transferable to nail art, the velvety nail vibe has hit the manicure scene as well. Let us tell you it is one of the most enchanting nail art ideas we have laid our eyes upon, looks lovely under the sun and can be admired all day. And if any textile lovers are reading, they will know that there is more than just one type of velvet, and here is some nail art inspiration to prove how versatile this trend is...


1. Glazed velvet

Glazed velvet

Image courtesy: @thenailcakery

A nail art idea that looks like it can be made out of both, a stunning velvet jacket and a glazed, powdered doughnut — this yummy colour, and texture, is so good to be paired with your wintery staples. We love how the intense-looking coffin nails are given the pastel treatment to tone down; it looks charming.


2. Crushed tips

Crushed tips

Image courtesy: @buffcsjen

When we talk about velvet nails, it is the crushed kind that most nail art enthusiasts will tout as the best kind. We love it too. It is glittery and shimmery with just the right amount of sheerness to reflect any light you throw on it. You can either go for all over crushed velvet or paint just the tips to keep it minimal.


3. Velvet matte

Velvet nails

Image courtesy: @ely_beauty94

Matte velvet fabrics are created by piling on layers of yarn, a technique used to create nail art as well. Thick, creamy and textured matte nails that look like a classic Christmas knit, this nail design will get you in the holiday mood in an instant.


4. Glossy velvet

Glossy velvet

Image courtesy: @latinwitch

Velvety pyjama suits were all the rage with celebs in 2019, and we think the glossiness of the fabric had something to do with it. If you are looking for a nice manicure to share on the ‘gram — this will be it.


5. Embossed velvet

Embossed velvet

Image courtesy: @glosshouse

Usually, embossed velvet is created with floral designs, but this nail art combines the patterns you see on a wintery knit and places it on a velvety base. We think this one is stunning!

Main image courtesy: @thenailartspot