It is officially the season of cute socks, fuzzy knits and smart trench coats that are so fun to layer! And while we are still waiting to see celebs step out in their best winter looks for us to copy, the nail trends have already started pouring in. Blame it on nail artists letting their creative juices flow after spending months under lockdown, the manicure trends this season are anything but basic! Here are the top five we’re betting will be huge this season. Check them out…


1. Midnight navy

Midnight navy

Image courtesy: @tombachik

Perfectly complementing her giant sipper, Jennifer Lopez’s navy blue manicure will pair well with all of your party LBDs. This not-quite-black glossy nail colour is clean, bold and statement. And hey, we’ll take JLo’s word on what’s cool any day, especially how to do your nails to go with an ultra-glamorous outfit.

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2. Of starry nights

Of starry nights

Image courtesy: @thuybnguyen

Who doesn’t love gazing at starry skies on long winter nights? This nail art perfectly resembles cosy winter nights, plus the golden adds a festive touch to the manicure — we love. The tools needed are a steady hand and a dotting tool or toothpick to recreate designs you see in the night sky, easy-peasy!

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3. OTT stiletto nails

OTT stiletto nails

Image courtesy: @kyliejenner

Leave it to Kylie Jenner to sport long and sharp stiletto nails that look so bomb! The brown nail colour reminds us of a comforting cup of hot chocolate — a winter staple. Plus the OTT nail shape takes the manicure from basic to badass in an instant.


4. Tame taupe

Tame taupe

Image courtesy: @haileybieber

Want to keep it on the down-low for your winter manicure? This trendy colour, while unexpected, has been popping up in many celebs’ Insta feeds. We think it has something to do with resembling the chilly, snowy vibe of the winter. And instead of cutting through the gloom, the milky colour hopes to blend in with your winter staples. We think minimalists will love that.


5. Blinging neon

Blinging neon

Image courtesy: @celinerrose

We can’t be talking about nails without getting Cardi B into the conversation! Recently, the very vocal rapper took to her Insta Live to talk about some issues and was perfectly poised in a blinding neon manicure. The colour was an instant hit among nail enthusiasts and you can be sure to spot many neon hues in winter 2020. Remember, you read it here first!

Main image courtesy: @jlo