Every season brings with it fresh and new nail trends that make us want to get them on our nails STAT — and this season is no different. If anything, it’s brighter and better. Come fall, bright colours and striking yet clean nail art designs will be taking over your insta feeds.

From neon tips and gradient nails, autumn nail trends for autumn 2020 focus on playing with colours, having fun and unleashing your creativity. Excited for what’s in store? Read on for the top five nail trends that are going to be absolutely huge this season!


1. Matte nails

Matte nails

Image courtesy: @ruby.nailsandbeauty

Matte nail polishes are really popular and are such an instant way to add a quick dose of sophistication to your nails. You can either use matte nail polish or simply use a mattifying topcoat on any shade of your choice to recreate this classy nail trend


2. Emoji nail art

Emoji nail art

Image courtesy: @tiffanyabbigailebeauty

Emojis form an integral part of our everyday life, and hence it only makes sense that we paint our favourite emoticons on our nails. Not only does this look really cute, but it also works as a quick pick-me-up (which we need more of this year).


3. Abstract mani

Abstract mani

Image courtesy: @snowball624

2020 autumn nail trends are all about incorporating vibrant colours in your nail art designs, and this abstract design helps you do just that. This stunning nail art design requires no special nail art skills and can be recreated using the colours and patterns of your choice. It doesn’t get better than this, does it?


4. Neon borders

Neon borders

Image courtesy: @nailsbysabra

If you are a fan of neon colours but find painting all your nails in such bright colours a bit too much, then we have the perfect autumn nail trend for you. Instead of painting your entire nail, simply paint the borders (or even just the tips if you prefer) in bright neon hues while keeping the rest of your nail absolutely nude. Who said neon isn’t for everyone?


5. Rainbow gradient

Rainbow gradient

Image courtesy: @tiffanyabbigailebeauty

Even though gradient nails were huge a few years ago, we are so glad that they are finally making a comeback this autumn. The slight twist in this year’s trend is that instead of opting for bright poppy colours, go for cool-toned pastel shades or earthy tones.

Main image courtesy: @ruby.nailsandbeauty