Seems like Ankita Lokhande is dominating headlines these days, isn’t she? From ditching the quintessential red lehenga on her wedding for a resplendent gold-studded Manisha Malhotra lehenga to sporting the highly-coveted no-makeup makeup look with all of her outfits, she’s thriving. And as much as we laud her versatility as an actor, we are equally smitten by her beauty too.

Ankita’s skincare and haircare tips are surprisingly straightforward and easy to adopt. So, on the actress's 37th birthday, we decided to deep-dive into her beauty secrets to find out how she manages to look so damn gorgeous at all times.



01. Use natural ingredients in your beauty routine

Use natural ingredients in your beauty routine

Image Courtesy: @lokhandeankita

Instead of layering her face with chemical-laden creams, Ankita believes in the power of natural ingredients, thanks to her grandmother. She soothes her skin with a dollop of pure aloe vera, and turn to besan for exfoliation. It doesn’t end there. She massages her face with a honey-milk blend for an all-natural glow too.


02. Mask your hair woes

Mask your hair woes

Image Courtesy: @lokhandeankita

Since her hair is frizz-prone, she ensures to pamper her tresses to in-salon treatments for regular hair spas. Apart from that, she prepares a DIY mask chock-full of organic ingredients like aloe vera and multani mitti as a part of her everyday hair care routine. A rejuvenating scalp massage with coconut oil does wonders to control the frizz too.


03. Drink lemon-honey water for a health boost

Drink lemon-honey water for a health boost

Image Courtesy: @lokhandeankita

We’re all acquainted with the benefits of honey-lemon tea for our overall health, aren’t we? Ankita kickstarts her day by drinking a glass of warm water infused with honey and lemon. Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C. A vitamin that’s associated with brightening the skin, and functioning as an anti-ageing hero. And it strengthens your hair, and adds a natural sheen to your tresses too!


04. Commit to a fitness regimen

Commit to a fitness regimen

Image Courtesy: @lokhandeankita

Ankita adheres to a strict fitness regimen as well. According to her, you don’t have to spend three or four hours in a gym to remain physically fit. Even a 45-minute workout is enough to burn those calories. She tries to commit to a five-day-a-week routine and focuses more on her core to tone her body.

Image Courtesy: @lokhandeankita