Waltzing through the streets of Paris and into our hearts, Emily in Paris is definitely a show you can binge-watch and picture yourself in. With the second season released, we can’t keep calm because it means more Bordeaux, Champére and Gabriel! (lowkey crushing on the chef, won’t lie). But that’s not all we’re waiting for—Emily’s fashion in the show makes us feel pretty ringarde and not in a cool way.

Her outfits, makeup and hair, are so perfectly #ParisChic that it’s hard not to get inspired. We have put together our favourite pick of Emily’s looks that you should definitely take inspo from! Let’s geek out and gush, shall we?!


01. A low-key ponytail to glam your look

A low-key ponytail to glam your look

Image courtesy:  @zuvio_zook

This sleek ponytail with perfect wavy hair and slight volume on top is just the smart casual you’re looking for. A ponytail, when done right, can jazz up any casual outfit, making it go from basic to trés chic!


02. Berry lips are the new rouge

Berry lips are the new rouge

Image courtesy: @POPSUGAR 

Whether you’re wearing a beret (highly recommended if you’re going for the French vibe) or a casual outfit for an evening out, ditch the rouge and have fun with berry lips instead. They add such a great pop of colour and look fresh and chic. It will also make you look more awake—win-win.


03. Updos are an “oui” from us!

Updos are an “oui” from us!

Image courtesy: razutle Swinakponav

Updos are an instant classic chic. This stacked braid updo is THE way to go next time you’re looking to make a classic statement. Even better, pair it with a low back top or dress so you can flaunt each element.


04. Brushed-up, natural-looking brows are GORG!

Brushed-up, natural-looking brows are GORG!

Image courtesy: @alemdergisi

One thing we know about the French is they like to keep it as natural and raw as possible. So next time, just brush up your brows upwards, or whichever direction gives you the most volume. The trick is to make them look busy, neat, and not so well done.


05. Beehives are back

Beehives are back

Image courtesy: @Dolap

Seeing Emily in a Beehive hairdo made us scream a little because of how gorgeous and classy it looks. If you are thinking of how to keep the look elegant and subtle, take a tip from Emily: add a glossy ribbon to give it the right vibe between vintage and French chic.