Forget Bridal Makeup; Wedding Face Masks Are The Biggest Trend This Season!

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Forget bridal makeup; wedding face masks are the biggest trend this season!

Changing times call for a change in approach, and this global pandemic is proof of that. And while we have only just gotten used to the new normal of staying indoors and social distancing, there’s something else that’s making waves this season – bridal face masks.

If you are a bride-to-be and have your wedding planned sometime this year, then you may have to get used to the idea of a face mask being one of the most central accessories you sport. But before you let this rile you up, hear us out. If it’s the right kind of bridal face mask, it can look stunning and even add to your overall wedding look.

And the best part, you get to play up your eye makeup like never before. From masks that match your lehenga to the ones that match your eye makeup, take a look at these brides in face masks for all the inspiration you need.


Peachy affair


If you are having an outdoor or beach wedding (or even those on a Zoom call), this sequined peach mask with really subtle shimmery peach eyes should be right up your alley. We love how simple yet breath-taking this bride looks.

Image courtesy: @bridesgalleryshinjukuhairmake


Lace and lashes


For all the brides planning to have a white wedding, a really pretty (but protective, of course) lacy mask would complement your outfit beautifully. A simple, subtle smokey eye with filled in brows and oodles of mascara would make for the perfect makeup for this outfit.

Image courtesy: @daislebridals


Play it down


The whole idea of wearing a face mask on your wedding day can be strange; we get it. So it’s totally understandable if you don’t want your mask to be too OTT. Choose something that matches the colour of your lehenga with a thin golden or silver border (it’s your wedding after all!). The best thing about choosing a simple wedding mask is that it gives you the perfect excuse to play up your eyes and add some drama with those gravity-defying falsies.

Image courtesy:


Colour coded


If you are planning to wear a bright coloured outfit, don’t forget to get a mask stitched from a cloth of similar colour so it looks pretty in pictures. Since you have a bright coloured mask on, keep your eye makeup subtle by wearing just a hint of shimmer.

Image courtesy: @kulwinder_nagra




For those of you who are planning to wear a different coloured skirt and blouse for any of the wedding functions, ensure that the colour of your mask matches either one of them. A cute hairstyle and dramatic eyes should make you look stunning for sure.

Image courtesy: @wedmeplz

Main image courtesy: @plush_boutique_jb and @upasanafashion_alibag

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