Wedding Day Nail Art Ideas For Every Kind Of Bride

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Wedding Day Nail Art Ideas For Every Kind Of Bride

Don't get me wrong; I love the latest wave of y2k nail trends as much as the next girl. I've dabbled in pastel nails and double cuticles and tips myself, but when it comes to your wedding day... well, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to take your pheras with psychedelic prints on your talons, would you? (Totally cool if you would, BTW — props to you!) That's why, we've rounded up some of the coolest bridal nail ideas for 2021, to get you prepped for your big day. Read on for the coolest 2021 nail art ideas for your wedding day, to make sure your digits are as on point as your 'fit.


1. Marble nails

05. French tips 2.0

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We're just going to say it — marble nails are perhaps one of the most gorgeous 2021 nail art trends, and they work perfectly for bridal nails too! To make the look your own for your wedding day, use shades that are close to the colour palette of your outfit, and blend away till you have your own unique set of digits.


2. Pretty in pink

05. French tips 2.0

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Some would say that all-pink nails are a safe nail art option — but we beg to differ, since this look is anything but safe. Paint the base in beautiful baby pink, and add this 2021-approved take on french tips to all your fingers, apart from the ring finger. Encrust your ring finger with some crystals or a little bit of glitter for that extra oomph, and you'll have glam yet tasteful nails for your wedding day.


3. Gold accents

05. French tips 2.0

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Nothing quite screams 'it's my big day!' like gold accents on your nails. Keep the base of your nails in minimal colours that go with the colour palette of your outfit, and give them intricate and unique gold detailing that will make you stand out from the rest. Brownie points if you manage to make one of the nails gold-encrusted too!


4. Flower power

05. French tips 2.0

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We've never been ones to shy away from slightly out-there nail art ideas, and we believe that if there's one day to go all out, it has to be your wedding day. Paint your nails a glossy shade of red or maroon — whichever catches your fancy — and stick on some actual flowers near your cuticles. Talk about painting the town red! This nail art idea is bound to make a statement.


5. French tips 2.0

05. French tips 2.0

Regular french tips are well and good, but you don't want to settle for good on your wedding day, do you? If you're not one for OTT nail art trends and prefer to keep your nails simple, this one's for you. Keep the base plain, and create french tips using some iridescent glitter in the shade of your outfit, for a subtle yet stunning look.

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