Y2K fashion is back and this is probably the biggest trend resurrection. Rhinestones, studs and pearls have become a part of makeup looks on the runway, music videos and red carpets. And might we say that Season 2 of the cult show Euphoria has contributed to this trend.

Adding gems to your face as a makeup accessory is nothing new. Glitter was a big deal in the early 2000s. Face stickers are seen almost everywhere during music festivals as they add an element of fun and vibrancy to your look. This time around the trend has evolved to help us reconnect with our inner child. According to research, face stickers can reduce stress by invoking a feeling of nostalgia and reconnecting us with our inner child and childhood memories. These memories can be comforting and help relieve stress. By using stickers in our makeup looks, we are getting in touch with the expressive and playful energy we had as children, which reminds us of freer and happier times.

Here are four ways you can try this trend.


01. Tiny star

Tiny star

Image Courtesy: Charles Matherz


As mentioned, the face sticker craze has been around for a while. This iconic makeup look on Perrie Edwards went viral in 2016, shortly after she debuted it in a music video. If the trend is out of your comfort zone, this is the best way to ease into it.

How to recreate: Just do your makeup the way you normally would; any eye look works for this one. Take a small star sticker and apply eyelash glue to the back of the sticker. Now carefully stick it under your eyes. You can also add sparkling gems on the tops of your cheekbones to recreate Perrie’s entire look.



02. Faux lashes

Faux lashes

Image Courtesy: Rafaela Muniz


Met Gala is the place where major trends are birthed or rebirthed. Lucy Boynton makeup look was one of the highlights of 2019’s event. Her entire makeup look was fairly natural with the rhinestones around her eyes stealing the show.

How to recreate: You will need a bunch of gems for this look so keep them handy. Starting from the centre of your eyelid, place the stickers upwards in a straight line. Again, from the centre of your under eye, stick on the studs going downwards in a straight line. Once those lines are long enough, move outwards for another line and this time, draw it at an angle to give your rhinestone lashes that flared look. Repeat and create more sticker lashes as per your likings.


03. Exaggerated crease

Exaggerated crease

Image Courtesy: Melanie


This one is quite artsy and looks fabulous in pictures. A must-try look to get those glamour shots for Instagram.

How to recreate: Start by doing your eye makeup. If you want to recreate the exact look, use a few pastels and aqua colours. Don’t define the crease using a darker shade as your stickers will be doing that job. Once you’re done with eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, place your gems through your crease. Maintain a little distance between each sticker to make them individually prominent. You can either use your eyelash glue for this process or use stickers that already come with a tacky base.



04. Pearlescent shine

Pearlescent shine


Image Courtesy: The happy hideout


Pearls have taken over the beauty scene big time. They look ethereal and look oh-so-gorgeous. Place tiny pearls on the face to create a dreamy look without looking too OTT.

How to recreate: Apply a burnt orange eyeshadow from Lakmé Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Palette - Coral Sunset all over your eyelid. Draw dainty wings along your lash line with black eyeliner. Now take a white liquid eyeliner and draw a crescent through your crease and connect it with the end of your black wing. The white eyeliner is optional. Now start placing little pearls under your wing. Leave the bottom lash line bare to keep the focus on the pearls.