5 Fall Nail Art Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This Season

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
5 fall nail art trends that are going to be huge this season

When it comes to getting our nails done, we're never short on inspiration. It seems like there's a new nail art idea dropping every other day, and we're spoilt for choice. But as the leaves start to wither and the days get slightly gloomier — signalling the arrival of fall — it's time to put a stop to passing fads and focus on the nail trends that will be reigning supreme this season. From '70s-inspired psychedelic nails to plaid coat-inspired check nails, we've got you covered on all the hottest fall 2021 nail art trends. Check 'em out!


01. Those '70s nails

05. Tonal play

Image courtesy: @nailsbymh

Riding the popularity wave from summer to fall, in case you didn't get the memo, '70s-inspired nails are here to stay. Pick and choose between nail art ideas ranging from psychedelic waves to trippy prints, and enjoy the burst of colour these nails will add to all your fall outfits.


02. Cuticle-crazy

05. Tonal play

Image courtesy: @betina_goldstein

No one saw this one coming. Sure, we had the double cuticle and tips nail trend, but this one takes it a little further with just glammed up cuticles. But hey, we're not complaining! This makes for a minimal, chic statement that's perfect for fall festivities, and we're here for it.


03. Checks on checks

05. Tonal play

Image courtesy: @ayumutksw

Nothing screams fall quite like plaids, and well, this trend seems to agree. Plaid nails have been all the rage this year, and we know it's just been in preparation for the fall. Take inspiration from your favourite flannel shirt or a plaid coat you've been coveting for a while — there's no going wrong with this fall nail art trend.


04. Tips 2.0

05. Tonal play

Image courtesy: @nailstirfry

This feels like the year for revamped french tips, and it's about time we embraced that. Give regular white tips a miss, and instead, play around with mismatched, '70s inspired patterns on your tips or opt for fall-appropriate warm colours.


05. Tonal play

05. Tonal play

Image courtesy: @color.city_

The mantra for fall this year seems to be: pick a colour palette and stick to it. Whether you're all about the coffee and spiced latte life and want a warm-toned colour palette, or you just can't get enough of the neons, tonal play is big this year. Hop on board!

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