For us, the beginning of the fall season means cozy knits, cute booties, hot cups of pumpkin spice latte and a bunch of different fall nail trends to choose from. I mean, any excuse to paint our tips in pretty designs, right?

To get you in the mood for Fall, I’ve scoured for the top Fall nail trends that are going to be all over the ‘gram and you, my friend, don’t want to be late to the party. So scroll down to take a look at our top five picks. Get ready to bookmark this page and start experimenting, ASAP!


01. Abstract French tips

Abstract French tips

Image courtesy: @scratchmagazine

French tips are an ever-trending nail art, but the Fall 2020 update to it comes in the form of abstract patterns covering the nail, or just the tip. The designs can also be customised in colour and pattern to represent the changing season.


02. Square nail shape

Square nail shape

Image courtesy: @paulina_mucha_

Summer 2020 belonged to rounded and lipstick shaped nails, but Fall 2020 has different ideas in store. Square shaped nails are low-maintenance and can be achieved at home without the help of a professional. They are also a super flattering nail shape if you have long and narrow nail beds


03. Au naturel

Au naturel

Image courtesy: @harrietwestmireland

This one is fresh out of all the virtual runways and red carpets we’ve been witnessing lately! Natural manicure with a clean and sleek look might look easy, but can be tricky to pull off. You have to maintain good nail health to pull off this one. So maybe, double up on the cuticle oil for the season? We think that’ll help!


04. Mismatched nails

Mismatched nails

Image courtesy: @betina_goldstein

Mismatched nails come in many versions — while the skittles nail trend focuses on painting each nail in a different vibrant colour, negative spaces and geometric pattern nail art are also a version of this trend. They are versatile too, armed with a liner brush and a bottle of acetone, you can create numerous mismatched designs — maybe even a new one to wear every single day!


05. Embedded glitter

Embedded glitter

Image courtesy: @jaina.blueberry

Is it just me, or does this trend make you want to countdown to 2021 like it’s NYE or something? But instead of matching up to this year’s theme and going cray cray, try this subtle embedded glitter look — the manicure will look textured, but still be smooth to touch.

Main images courtesy: @scratchmagazine, paulina_mucha_