From slaying in matchy co-ords to experimenting with cute and chic hairstyles, Karisma Kapoor is one actress who set major fashion and beauty trends back in the 90s. Not to forget her flawless skin (thanks to the Kapoor genes) and perfect dance moves that lit up the screen with her presence.

While we are in ‘Flashback Friday’ mood, here’s a look at Lolo’s top-notch hair game from the 90s that stole every teenager’s heart back then.

Flashback Friday

Two cute ponytails

Very rarely have we seen actresses flaunt two ponytails on the big screen. However, Karisma Kapoor was never one to shy away from this hairstyle that has childhood memories written all over it. With those drop-dead gorgeous looks, she easily convinced us to give it a shot too.

Flashback Friday

Big hair, no care!

Ever since the start of her career, Karisma Kapoor always embraced big hair. And pulled them off with aplomb! We’ve admired that gorgeous wavy hair swept to one side as much as we have crushed over her delicate braids and sleek ponytails.

Flashback Friday

Upgraded pigtails

Karisma Kapoor proved that pigtails are not just for kids! Ditching the boring center-parted pigtails, Lolo’s upgraded side-parted pigtails don’t just look super cute but also give a more youthful appearance.

Flashback Friday

Cornrow braids

Taking messy buns a notch higher, Karisma Kapoor made us believe in the power of cornrow braids and how they can add definition to our facial structure. Those hair accessories simply add glamour to her dainty hairstyle, giving us major hair-bun goals.

Flashback Friday

Cropped locks

While long and big hair was all the rage back in the 90s, Karisma Kapoor broke away from the rut and went on to set new hair trends. In one of her movies, she was seen sporting cropped, shoulder-length locks, blow-dried inwards for added effect.

Image courtesy: Pinterest and Instagram