5 Korean Makeup Looks To Look Straight Out Of A K-Drama Everyday

Written by Anyuktha NallaniJul 28, 2022
 5 Korean makeup looks to look straight out of a K-Drama everyday

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If you’re like me and your love for Korean culture began with crushing on the entire cast of Boys Over Flowers taking you down the K-drama rabbit hole only to never find a way back (gladly so!), then the universe brought you to the right place. Korean culture has taken the world over by storm because of its unique approach to all aspects of life from beauty secrets to entertainment and even food (anyone suddenly craving tteokbokki?). But their ever-so-flawless skin goals and their soft glam makeup are what caught our eyes at BB, being the obsessive makeup fundis we are. So here are some Korean makeup ideas that you can incorporate into your daily makeup routine to look all UwU! Let’s dive in.


01. Dog eyeliner for Doe-eyes

Minimal eyeshadow

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Known as the puppy dog eyeliner, this look makes your eyes look rounder and bigger. All you gotta do is wing your eyeliner slightly lower to your lash line and then apply a nude shade that is slightly darker to your skin tone below your eyes (slightly away from the waterline) to give a bigger eye effect. For a doll-eyed look, you can always use white liner on your waterline.


02. Very Berry lips

Minimal eyeshadow

Image courtesy: @Her World Singapore

These ombre berry lips are just the right balance between cute and sexy. All you gotta do is keep your makeup minimal with some blush and a tightly lined eyeliner. Apply berry shade lipstick to the centre of your lips and blend it outwards and Voila!

BB Pick: Lakmé 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Lipstick - Berry Base


03. Peach(y) blush

Minimal eyeshadow

Image courtesy: @stylenanda

If there’s one thing that is the most prominent in a Korean makeup look is the cuteness factor added in with a generous application of blush. Use a peach blush next time you’re doing your makeup for a minimal sunkissed peachy look that is sure to amp up your makeup game.

BB Pick: Lakmé 9To5 Pure Rouge Blusher


04. The statement red lips

Minimal eyeshadow

Image courtesy: @tuğba

Well, I feel every country has its version of the statement red lips and Korea is no different. But what makes their statement red lips stand out is the minimal yet glass skin look that comes along with it. So to achieve this look, moisturise the skin well before applying foundation. For that glossy skin, use an illuminating moisturiser like the Lakmé Lumi Skin Cream underneath your base. Then apply the red lipstick of your choice. To make your lips stand out more, you can always use a darker shade of foundation around your lips.


05. Minimal eyeshadow

Minimal eyeshadow

Image courtesy: @SiSi.MrPr


Korean eyeshadow looks are the easiest to achieve as there’s not much blending and creasing. Take a matte eyeshadow of your choice and blend it onto your lids and finish off with some liner if you wish. On days you’re feeling fancy, you can trade in the matte shadow for a pink or champagne shimmer. It’s darn cute and takes a few seconds!

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