Is your manicure looking rather boring lately? Blame it on the lack of access to nail bars! It is always a treat to flaunt cute and adorable nail designs, but since the task of actually creating them has fallen on you, it can get tricky to try new ideas. Plus, you have to be sure of your skills to recreate a design you saw on your favourite nail artist’s feed.

Fortunately, there is a way to have it all. All you need are trendy designs that are relatively easy to do. Here are some fab nail art designs you can easily recreate at home. Check ‘em out…


01. Sassy emojis

Sassy emojis

Image courtesy: @thehangedit

If you love texting, you will know how important emojis are and how fun and sassy they can be! Pick your favourite emoji for a cheeky design based on a clean, French manicure. It’s super easy to recreate too. Simply pour a drop of nail polish on your finger where you’d like the emoji to be. Then using a toothpick or bobby pin, draw the features you want. Trust us when we say it can’t get easier than this.

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02. Not your regular fruity nails

Not your regular fruity nails

Image courtesy: @_moon_nails_

Just when we thought that fruity designs were done to death, this cute pattern popped up on our feed! We love how detailed this design is. Pick a couple of accent fingers to do the design on, and watch the compliments flow in!


03. Flaming tips

Flaming tips

Combine a clean, see-through and glossy base with the brightest orange you can find to recreate this flaming design. At its core, this is just another cow print design that you might have already done before. Simply swap the black with a brighter hue to give it a new look and feel.

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04. Sorbet hues

Sorbet hues

Image courtesy: @by_millimac

Nothing says summer like some delicious sorbet hues! This manicure design is perfect for lovers of gel nails because you will be layering two pigmented polishes to create this. Try to layer the second coat before the first one dries completely to nail that blurred look just right!


05. Baby hearts

Baby hearts

Probably the most technical design on this list, even though it might take a while to do, we couldn’t resist putting it on here ‘cause it is just so cute! Pick a pretty pink nail polish for the base colour and do some deep breathing to steady your hand and create the baby hearts on your nails. Play around with the placements to make this design fun and exciting!

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Main image courtesy: @thehangedit, @rosemarie_nailartist