5 Independence Day Manicure Ideas That Nail The Essence Of Patriotism

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
 5 Independence Day manicure ideas that nail the essence of patriotism

 The fact that Independence Day is falling on a Sunday this year has got us all feeling down. But if you need a little mood booster, we've got the perfect little suggestion for you — do your nails! That's always an upper, and let's be real — does anything scream patriotism more than intricately showing your pride for your country on your nails? We didn't think so either!

We've got a few subtle yet patriotic nail-art ideas in shades of orange, white, green, and of course, hints of blue, that'll amp up your I-Day ensembles. Ahead, we're letting you in on how to make sure your nails are Independence Day-ready. Take notes!


01. Colour block

05. Textured play

 Image courtesy: @susanschellhandmodel

You can never go wrong with some classic tonal play, and this nail-art look is evidence. In an orderly manner, start by painting your extremes orange, move onto white, and finally, green. You'll have a cohesive, classic look that will go with all your I-Day 'fits, and make your talons look fleek just in time for the celebrations.


02. Bring the edge

05. Textured play

Image courtesy: @crazynailzz

We love elaborate nail-art ideas for Independence Day, but this one may just be our fave by far because it depicts ikkat prints! Look closely, and you'll see the jagged edges that are ikkat prints' unique identifiers. And you don't have to limit yourself to this pattern either! Whatever your texture of choice, go forth and paint away — just be sure to use the colours of the tricolour!


03. It's in the details

05. Textured play

Image courtesy: @nailscontext

We're all for the subtle look when it comes to Independence Day nail art, but don't forget that it's all about the details! Alternate between orange, white, and green on your nails, and add some symbolism with blue on the ones with the white base. Tricoloured dots, the Ashok Chakra, even portraits — anything goes!


04. All flagged out

05. Textured play

Image courtesy: @crazynailzz

There are no Independence Day nail-art suggestions without throwing a little artistic representation of the flag into the mix. Wear the tricolour as a base on each nail, and paint a more creative version of the Ashok Chakra right in the centre. The more artistic the representation, the better!


05. Textured play

05. Textured play

Image courtesy: @circlemag.in

Who says you have to stick to just lines when it comes to your Independence Day-inspired nails? Give the regular stripes a rest, and show off the flag on your digits with a flower power-esque texture instead. Brownie points for throwing in some glitter polish to give it an extra edge, too

! Main image courtesy: @nailsbypuja

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