Weak and brittle nails may not be as major a concern as acne or hair fall, but it definitely comes a close second. Imaging painstakingly painting your nails only to have them split or break in a day or two, or removing a very pretty coloured nail polish and realising that your nails have turned a ghastly shade of yellow. *Ugh!*

If these are the problems you are all too familiar with, then you are in luck! In this article, we are going to address some common nail issues along with some simple hacks to deal with them once and for all. Excited? Let’s begin!


1. Get rid of yellow nails

Get rid of yellow nails

Wearing the same nail colour for a long time or wearing a dark nail polish are the two common reasons behind yellowing nails. A good way to avoid this issue is to apply a layer of base coat to prevent staining. But in order to get rid of the stain, all you need to do is mix a bit of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and apply this mixture all over your nails to whiten them instantly.


2. Prevent chipping

Prevent chipping

If you feel like your nail polish chips in a day or two, then this hack that will change your manicure game forever. After you have applied two coats of nail paint, simply dip your nails in cold water for a couple of minutes. This will solidify your nail polish, make it stay on longer and render it a beautiful, gel-like finish.


3. Clean messy application with Vaseline

Clean messy application with Vaseline

Applying nail polish can sometimes be a really messy affair, especially if you are applying it with your left hand. Getting rid of this mess can be annoying because there is always the risk of ruining freshly painted nails. But an easy way to avoid this situation is to apply a coat of Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly around your nails before you start painting. The greasy finish of Vaseline will make getting rid of the excess paint really hassle-free.


4. Remove glitter nail polish with ease

Remove glitter nail polish with ease

We love how stunning and festive glitter nail paints look, but getting rid of them is a nightmare. But not anymore! How do you ask? Well, simply saturate a cotton pad with nail polish remover and place it on your nails. Cover each nail with an aluminum foil and allow it to rest for a couple of minutes before gently unwrapping it. All your glitter nail polish will come off in an instant!


5. Prevent air bubbles

Prevent air bubbles

One of the most annoying things about applying nail polish at home is to notice air bubbles post-application. But you can avoid this issue by simply rolling the bottle in between in your palms instead of shaking it to activate the polish. Vigorously shaking the bottle separates the polish and leads to air bubbles on the application, thereby reducing the lifespan of the manicure.