Collagen is an important protein naturally present in the body and is responsible for keeping the skin firm and healthy by helping the skin cells renew and repair themselves. But as we age, the collagen production in our body starts to decrease, causing the skin to lose its elasticity and develop wrinkles and fine lines. But fret not; we come bearing good news. Apparently, there are certain foods and lifestyle habits that can boost the production of collagen in the body.

Former Miss India International and fitness enthusiast Pooja Batra took to social media recently to reveal how to increase collagen production in the body naturally. Read on to find out the secret behind the actress’ firm and supple skin.

Pooja recently posted a bunch of pictures on her social media account where she is seen performing aerial yoga. She explained the benefits of collagen in the caption: “Exercise actually supports the production of collagen. After the mid-20s, your existing collagen breaks down, collagen production goes down, your body produces less and lower quality collagen,” she wrote.

But don’t worry, there’s hope. “Good news is that you can slow the rate at which your collagen levels decline and even build them back up! Exercise indirectly builds skin thickness and helps collagen production by increasing blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to your skin. The boost in this protein helps to keep your skin firm, supple, and elastic,” Pooja explains.

Start exercising today!

Exercising has a lot of benefits. Apart from keeping your skin looking youthful and glowing, it also keeps stress at bay by releasing the endorphins (happy hormones) in the body. It keeps you in good shape and promotes better sleep too. With so many benefits for your skin, mind and body, you should start exercising today (if you don’t already)!


All image courtesy: @poojabatra