The pandemic couldn’t stop new beauty trends from emerging this year. We saw plenty of fresh nail art designs on the internet even though nail salons were shut for a few months. The latest trend to be taking over the ‘gram is raindrop nails. This easy to achieve nail trend is the perfect way to bid farewell to the monsoon as we slowly transition to winter.

Raindrops nail art, as the name suggests, looks like tiny droplets of rain on top of your nails. You can choose pretty much any nail colour as a base for this trend. Here’s how to master this insta-cool trend.


How to achieve raindrop nails at home

How to achieve raindrop nails at home

Image courtesy: @sugarnailsbyadri

Step 01: Start by applying a base coat; this will prevent nail staining as well as extend the life of your manicure.

Step 02: Once dry, apply the nail color of your choice. This trend looks stunning on most shades, so you can choose pastels, nudes, or a stunning blue like the Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color - Mermaid or a pretty pink like the Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Gloss Nail Color - Pink Pace. Apply two coats and let it dry.

Raindrop nail art trend

Image courtesy: @bingus.blings

Step 03: Now, for the most important part, you need a top coat to seal in your colour and make the manicure last for days. One layer of the Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color - Top Coat imparts the perfect glossy finish.

Step 04: Dip a metal dotting tool or toothpick in the Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Gloss Nail Color - Top Coat and create small or large droplets on your nails and voila! Your raindrop manicure is ready to be flaunted. Easy-peasy, wasn’t it?

Main image: @abbyjeanthetrailerparkqueen