We're sure your Instagram is flooded with our stories—more like TikTok hacks we've reviewed for you. Can you blame us? That platform is a literal closet of hacks. A closet that continues to give.

And, honestly, we don't even think about how bizarre a lot of these hacks are. Do they work? That's the bottom-line. I mean, you don't quite prepare yourself to draw glasses around your eyes with concealer to eliminate dark circles, do you? Or smear colourful streaks of blush, contour, and concealer to set the base of your makeup instead of foundation. Bizarre. But effective. And the latter matters more.

And that's why we're asking you to buy yourself some concealer—white concealer—today. Because the hack we're sharing with you only requires white concealer.


01. What's this hack all about?

What's this hack all about?

Image Courtesy: @glamouruk


You guessed it. Dark circles. Yup. Everyone's ditching their skin-toned concealers for brighter—whiter–formulas to diminish the appearance of their dark circles. And sculpt and lift their faces simultaneously, and minimize discolouration and shadows.

Popularised by @nakitaglowup on TikTok, this hack involves dotting the area under your eyes with a little bit of white concealer before layering on your foundation. "Struggle to find your matching concealer? Just use a white one and apply your foundation over it!" she captioned her widely-viewed video.

A lot of other enthusiasts have been using this hack to illuminate their face, and eliminate the purple and blue undertones of the eyes. This includes MUA Charlotte Hyatt-Willis. But she does it a little differently.

Charlotte dots her under-eyes with concealer after she has set her base with foundation, and goes on to blend it all in with a makeup brush or sponge. Just make sure you're applying a little bit at a time in layers to avoid running your base.

The best part about this hack? It works for all skin tones. And that's because the concealer blends with the foundation to create a shade that flatters your complexion. So don't worry about your eyes looking ghostly white. As long as you've blended it well with the base of your makeup, you're good to go.

You can tuck a little bit of the concealer under your skin-toned one for a little more coverage—or even under your light, tinted moisturiser to remove dark spots and hyperpigmentation! Our favourite skin-toned formula is the Lakmé Primer and Matte Liquid Concealer. Available in eight shades formulated to flatter the Indian complexion, the lightweight primer-cum-concealer conceals spots, blemishes, and dark circles on the skin - and its skin-loving properties moisturise the face instantly!

But this isn't to say that you need to conceal your dark circles or dark spots. They're natural. And they're nothing to be ashamed about! You're a gorgeous, gorgeous girl either way.

Image Courtesy: @josiemgonzalez