Sara Ali Khan’s All-New Hair Colour Is Making Us Go ‘Green’ With Envy

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Sara Ali Khan’s all-new hair colour is making us go ‘green’ with envy

Just a few months old in the industry and Sara Ali Khan is already a star. Apart from her jaw-dropping fashion choices, Sara’s beauty game is also always on point. From sporting beachy waves to colourful mascaras with aplomb, we also love how this newest star kid on the block keeps up with trends and gives us millennials all the beauty-spiration we need!

The B-town newbie recently got a super chic hair upgrade and we are totally drooling over her new look. Sara, who all this while, was seen flaunting her long, lustrous mane, has not just gone chop chop, but also, has opted for green highlights. Yes, you read that right! Bold and experimental—Sara seems to be on a roll!

If you have recently coloured your hair, here are a few points to keep in mind so you too can flaunt your hair colour with as much oomph as Sara...


Don’t wash your hair immediately

Oil your hair

Give your hair colour at least 2-3 days to set and refrain from using styling products and tools immediately.


Cut down your washes

Oil your hair

Do you wash your hair 3-4 times a week? Cut down to 2-3. This will not only make your colour last but also preserve the natural oils produced by your scalp.


Rinse with cool water

Oil your hair

Rinsing your hair with cool water helps seal your cuticles, controls frizz and seals the color in your hair shaft.


Hydrate your hair with conditioning treatments

Oil your hair

To deal with dehydration and dryness post your hair colour sesh, turn to conditioning treatments. Work the mixture of avocado, banana and olive oil through your hair from the roots to the tips. Leave it on for an hour before rinsing.


Oil your hair

Oil your hair

Oiling regularly helps nourish and moisturise your hair. They also form a protective layer over your hair, which protects it from heat damage.

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