Winter Is Coming! 7 Snowflake Nail Art Ideas To Try This Holiday Season

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
Winter Is Coming! 7 Snowflake Nail Art Ideas To Try This Holiday Season

We're not going to lie — we're pretty excited for winter 2021. Yes, the festive season is great, but honestly, we can't wait to curl up in our blanket with a hot cuppa and our favourite read, and kick back and relax already! But even though the colder months may seem a little far away, we've got something that'll get you in the mood for sweater-weather — snowflake nails.

Sure, some of us may not get to see the snow — but you have to agree that nothing screams 'winter is coming' more than snowflake nails. That's why, we've put together our favourite snowflake nail ideas for all your winter nail inspiration needs. Scroll ahead, and bookmark these for later!


1. Keepin' it classic

07. OTT snowflakes

Image courtesy: @tentinypaintings

This snowflake nail idea is proof that you can never go wrong with a classic snowflake manicure. Scatter around blue snowflakes over a white, neutral base, and make sure that each snowflake is uniform — you can even branch out a little and use stickers.


2. Glitterati

07. OTT snowflakes

Image courtesy: @naailscliips

One of the best parts about doing snowflake nails is that you can get away with incorporating snowflake-inspired elements in your design. Take cues from these glitter nails that remind us of pretty glistening snowflakes.


3. Dainty glam

07. OTT snowflakes

Image courtesy: @paulina_alaiev

This might be our favourite snowflake nail idea on the list! Keep your digits looking dainty and glam with minimal, white snowflakes with a splash of glitter under the snowflake for a slightly abstract, but classic look.


4. All-snow everything

07. OTT snowflakes

Image courtesy: @manis_by_mailiis

This manicure idea just screams 'I can't wait for winter', and TBH, we're here for it. If you love the winter and all things snowy, opt for this all white manicure with snowman and snowflake details. How cute!


5. Powdery perfection

07. OTT snowflakes

Image courtesy: @alexa.didthat

Maybe you don't just like the snow for flakes, but love the visibly powdery texture of snow too. Opt for this matte, pastel-based powdery snowflake manicure, since it fully embodies the spirit of snow season — and looks pretty too!


6. Playful patterns

07. OTT snowflakes

Image courtesy: @nbnailart

If you're a true-blue snowflake enthusiast or even if you think these varied designs are gorgeous, this one's for you! Draw on differently-shaped and coloured snowflakes on the centre of your nails, while keeping your base minimal for a playful, fun manicure.


7. OTT snowflakes

07. OTT snowflakes

Image courtesy: @cheyennesnails_

Keeping it subtle not your cup of tea? Well, then by all means, let your snowflake manicure snowball into something that's completely OTT. Bling, nail charms, snowflake glitters, even pom-poms — everything goes as long as you're lovin' it!

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