40 Going On 20: Here’s How Son Ye-Jin Of Crash Landing On You Fame Keeps Her Skin Looking Youthful

Written by Urvi ShahAug 18, 2022
40 going on 20: Here’s how Son Ye-Jin of Crash Landing On You fame keeps her skin looking youthful

All of us have, at some point or the other, stationed ourselves in front of our laptops just to binge-watch Crash Landing On You once again. It's our go-to comfort show, isn't it? And one of the reasons why we're obsessed is well, duh, because of the lead actress Son Ye-Jin.

And can you blame us? She's simply iconic! The K-drama actress who announced her marriage to co-star Hyun Bin, has shared with her fans a few secrets behind her ageless beauty. And we’ve got all the dope below. Scroll down…


01. Use face masks frequently


If a serum lies at the heart of the Korean skincare routine, a sheet mask embodies the soul of the regimen. Son Ye-Jin says that she cannot use too many ingredients or products on her face because of how oily her skin is. And that's where a face mask comes in. She carries a mask with her when she's travelling, and tries to use one every day.

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02. Skinimalism for the win


Son Ye-Jin is a passionate advocate for skinimalism. Despite belonging to a culture that thrives on extensive skincare routines, she likes the idea of keeping it minimalistic. A one-step or two-step regimen is enough for her to keep her skin looking flawless.


03. Cucumbers to soothe the eyes


Son Ye-Jin picked up an age-old remedy from her mother: placing slices of refrigerated cucumber on her eyes to soothe and calm the skin effectively. Since there were not a lot of cosmetic products back then in the day, she stuck to using cucumbers to soothe her eyes.


04. Cleanse your skin twice a day


She has ritualised the practice of cleansing her skin twice every day—once in the morning and once in the night. Regardless of how busy she is. This is a must for anyone with oily skin. She starts off by using a steam towel on her face to open up her pores, and goes on to cleanse her skin with an exfoliating cleaner. She concludes by rinsing her face with lemon water to shrink her pores. That's it!

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05. Sunscreen


Sunscreen is a must no matter the month or season. Son Ye-Jin applies this at the very end of her skincare regimen. And she slathers on a little bit of BB and CC cream too. These three formulas protect her skin from U.V rays and dust from the sun.

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