Taiwanese Beauty: Everything You Need To Know To Get Flawless Skin

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Taiwanese beauty: Everything you need to know to get flawless skin

The Eastern part of the world is a goldmine for skincare enthusiasts. From detailed and meticulous skincare routines to the use of really unexpected ingredients and tools, their take on beauty never fails to leave us pleasantly surprised. Well, the latest country to be influencing skincare trends the world over is Taiwan.

But believe it or not, Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage includes incredible beauty secrets that have managed to impress the beauty gurus of the world thanks to their sheer simplicity and effectiveness.

In this article, we help you find out more about T-beauty (yes, this really is a thing) and the secret behind the flawless skin of Taiwanese women. Read on…


1. What exactly is T-beauty?

Taiwanese diet for that gorgeous glow

The main difference between K-beauty and T-beauty is that the later is a lot less complex and time-consuming. (Busy girls, rejoice!) Taiwanese beauty is more deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and incorporates the use of natural yet potent ingredients for amazing results. Free from animal testing and complicated, lengthy routines, T-beauty focuses on the quality and efficacy of the natural ingredients to be used in just four simple and holistic steps--cleanse, tone, moisturise and sheet mask.


2. The T-beauty skincare steps

Taiwanese diet for that gorgeous glow

1. Cleanse

Just like everywhere else, Taiwanese women always start their skincare routine by thoroughly getting rid of all the dirt, makeup, sweat and oil that may have accumulated on the face. They use cleansers with natural ingredients like soy milk, white tea, bamboo extracts, etc. to not just cleanse away the impurities, but also leave the skin feeling super soft, supple and elastic.

2. Toner

Taiwanese women know the importance of toner in their skincare routine and use it post-cleansing without fail. Enriched with ingredients like tea tree oil, hyaluronic acid and a host of plant extracts, these toners help to prevent breakouts, regulate sebum production and help other skincare products penetrate the skin better.

3. Moisturise

The secret to soft and supple skin that is a trademark of Taiwanese women is regular moisturizing. They use a pea-sized amount right after toner to hydrate, nourish and condition their skin. They also believe that a thin layer of hydration preps the skin to soak in all the goodness from the sheet mask to follow.

4. Sheet mask

No Taiwanese skincare routine is ever complete without a good dose of self-care in the form of a sheet mask. Their sheet masks are made from gentle, plant-based materials like cotton or cellulose, which have been soaked in serums that target various skin concerns. Taiwanese women claim that these 15 minutes of sheet-masking is the reason behind their flawless skin.


3. Key ingredients in Taiwanese beauty products

Taiwanese diet for that gorgeous glow

Taiwanese beauty products include a lot of natural and plant-based ingredients. Rice is a very commonly found ingredient in their beauty products, thanks to its skin brightening properties. The calming properties of different types of herbal teas also make them a common skincare ingredient. Essential oils, shea butter, red pearl barley and bamboo are other common ingredients found in T-beauty products.


4. Gua sha – a common Taiwanese skincare practice

Taiwanese diet for that gorgeous glow

Gua sha is a very common traditional practice rooted in Chinese medicine. It has gained popularity all over the world only recently, but people who have tried this T-beauty practice swear by the results. This practice involves gently rubbing flat rose quartz or jade crystal all over your face and neck to promote lymphatic drainage. This practice is also very effective to help promote better absorption of skincare products, improve blood circulation, even out the skin tone and texture as well as keep the skin youthful and glowing.


5. Taiwanese diet for that gorgeous glow

Taiwanese diet for that gorgeous glow

Taiwanese women also credit their flawless skin to the kind of foods they eat. They consume a lot of protein and nutrient-rich foods such as shiitake mushrooms, black rice, seaweed, black sesame seeds, etc on a daily basis. They believe these foods help heal the skin and keep it healthy. Other foods that Taiwanese women swear by for glowing skin are ginger, matcha tea, kimchi, goji berries and red dates. So there you have it; your cheatsheet to T-beauty. Incorporate some of these in your own routine to get the healthy skin most Taiwanese women are known for.

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