Getting a new hair colour is one of the easiest ways to give yourself a makeover and jazz up your look. This is especially true for summer when the trending hair colours look lovely on a clear, bright day and elevate your cutest ensembles.

For the bikini season of 2021, the hair colour trends are a mix of casually placed quirky pigments and painfully perfect highlights that only a hairstylist can ace. And whatever your personal taste might be, you will find a match for your next makeover from our top picks of the trendy hues and techniques below.


01. Versatile brunette

Versatile brunette

Image courtesy: @rocky_barnes

A contrasting mix of light and dark brown shades, this hair colour is versatile for two reasons (A) It flatters a range of Indian skin tones, and (B) It adds dimension to every kind of hair type and texture. The lighter shades are focused on the mid-lengths to make your hair look voluminous at the top.


02. Global dark brown

Global dark brown

Image courtesy: @alexbrownhair

If you are not a fan of highlights or a chic balayage, a global colour can be a good option to take up. While jet black was the preferred choice for global colour, it seems like dark brown will be ruling the stage for summer 2021. It’s a low maintenance shade that you can rock on your beach vacay as well as work.


03. 60s ginger

60s ginger

Image courtesy: @gigihadid

New mommy Gigi Hadid went back to work in a new hair colour that has been trending for a while. The 60s ginger tint has been the go-to colour for many after the Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit achieved mass popularity and we can see why. It is classic, stylish and filled with mystique, a vibe you can rock for the whole of summer.


04. Fantasy colour

Fantasy colour

Image courtesy: @biancacolour

Fantasy colours were popularised in 2020 by adventurous hair colour enthusiasts all over the world who opened up box dyes and painted their manes in bright and unsualul tints. From pastels to glossy rose golds and aquamarine hues, these demi-permanent hair colours are here to stay for a while.


05. Face-framing


Image courtesy: @jamiejchung

This one is more about the technique and placement of the dye rather than the colour itself. Use a lighter colour on the front strands and spread the colour out as you make your way to the back. This not only frames your face but also looks super stunning.

Main image courtesy: @caughtinacuff