There is a reason why everybody seems to be obsessed with nail art these days. Nail enthusiasts, artists and nail bars are constantly coming up with new and trendy ways to do nails and it is very exciting. From acrylic nails to OTT stickers, the days of playing it down with your manicure are over.

If you’re looking for some trendy manicure designs to flaunt this summer, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best nail art trends you can try right away…


01. Fruity French

Fruity French

Image courtesy: @harrietwestmoreland

The ‘Baby French’ manicure has been doing the rounds for a while now. It is done for short nails with the slender tip done in white or colour. Monochrome tips have been replaced with fresh fruity colours like tangerine, lemon and berry tones. The trend focuses on a clean and well-done manicure that is just slightly elevated with a bright colour.


02. Hand-painted


Image courtesy: @betina_goldstein

This trend has gotten all art-geeks super happy! Hand-painted nail art is done with a variety of nail brushes to create not-so-perfect yet charming designs that are unique to your taste. The possibilities are endless with this one!


03. Half stripes

Half stripes

Image courtesy: @nailsbymei

The half stripes nail art trends took a while to gain popularity, but now that it’s super trendy, we can’t wait to try it. It is easy to create, can include a variety of colours and finish, and is super versatile. Not to mention that it makes for fabulous close-up shots to post on your feed.


04. Patterned


Patterned nail art will always be in vogue, no matter the season. However, the reigning pattern for 2021 is swirls and waves. Designed to perfection by nail techs with a scary ability to make intricate designs look so easy to do. If you are a fan of colourful manicures, this trend will be right up your alley.


05. Summerset


Image courtesy: @thehotblend

Talk about manicure trends for summers and not include ones that have cute florals and bright colours would be a crime. These bright and blooming designs can uplift even the worst kind of Monday blues!

Main image courtesy: @nails.bab