A new month calls for new nail art ideas. And thanks to the pandemic, we — the ever-so-obsessive nail art connoisseurs — are making the most of all the free time on hand to hone our manicure skills.

We have some trendy nail art ideas for you to get inspired from and channel your inner manicurist this month. From including elements of the ongoing Tokyo Olympics to drawing not-so-basic rainbows and zodiac-inspired nail art — we’ve covered it all. Excited? Scroll down for all the inspo you need.


1. Colour me floral

1. Colour me floral nail art

Image courtesy @overglowedit

If it’s a floral theme, we’re in! And if you’re just like us, then you’ll love this eye-catching nail art with all the five nails painted a different, sorbet-hued paint. An easy DIY trick, each nail is then stamped with pretty floral designs in the same shade.

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2. Let the rainbow shine

2. Let the rainbow shine nail art

Image courtesy @pearldoesnails

Classic creamy rainbow nails may as well be passé – case in point, these shimmery rainbow nails we just can’t get enough of. This combination of ultra-shiny (and a bit holographic) red, orange, lemon yellow, green, blue, purple nail paints make for a statement nail art to try.


3. Rain day alert

3. Rain day alert nail art

Image courtesy @joelyoceannails

If you are a minimal nail art enthusiast, be prepared to take the squiggly nail art a notch up with this nail art idea. Representing the monsoon blues in quite a charming way, the nails are first coated with nude peach paint and then run over with gentle but bold strokes of swirly blue nail paint. Cute, noh?

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4. Tokyo Olympics 101

4. Tokyo Olympics 101 nail art

Image courtesy @classyclawscambridge

Don’t limit the Tokyo Olympics fever just to your TV screens; bring it on to your nails, too. For a minimal but creative DIY nail art, you can start by coating all your nails with matte white nail polish. Next, move on to your ring and middle finger and replicate the five tiny Olympic rings on it.

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5. Golden is the new black

5. Golden is the new black nail art

Image courtesy @mannacured

This one is for all the Leos out there! Channel your inner goddess energy and recreate this nail art with a stunning mix of a matte black base, topped with slender metallic golden patterns on alternating sides of the nail edges.