5 Trendy Nail Colours To Add Your Manicure Rotation For Fall 2020

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 trendy nail colours to add your manicure rotation for Fall 2020

The monsoon season is (almost) coming to an end. While we’ll definitely miss the smell of petrichor and beautiful rainbows that monsoon brought with it, we’re equally excited for the festive season and cozy winter months to follow. The light, summery fabrics in our wardrobe will make way for darker colours. That’s not all. We’re also replacing our pretty pastel nail polishes for much deeper pigments - maybe even some glitter for the festive season.

We’ve scoured the best nail polishes for you to rock this Fall 2020. Check ‘em out...


1. Shimmery green

Glittery champagne

Image courtesy: @things_by_linda

What better way to style Fall fashion colours like ivory and buttery yellows than with a shimmery, forest green pigment! Looks like you finally might be getting away with wearing such a bold colour like this one and we suggest jumping on that opportunity ASAP.

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2. Wine stained

Glittery champagne

Image courtesy: @mylacqueredlife

You will need the help of this ‘happy juice’ to get over the comparatively lowkey festive season. So why not pay homage to it with your manicure as well! Wine red looks lovely for glamorous evening soirees; you will be clinking wine glasses away all night!

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3. Warm brown

Glittery champagne

Image courtesy: @bwidix

Yet another colour that will complement your Fall wardrobe — a warm brown manicure will look great in the season. It is also universally flattering on all skin tones and versatile as a base to create nail art on, if you wish to do so.

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4. Electric blue

Glittery champagne

Image courtesy: @thebeautyeffect

In search of the perfect nail colour to go with your sequinned LBD? The electric blue shade may not be your usual pick for the season but with such a stunning colour already in existence, why would you wear anything else to a party!

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5. Glittery champagne

Glittery champagne

Image courtesy: @nailtimate

Combine the theme of boozy afternoons with a signature Fall colour like champagne by going all-in on the glitter! It is the kind of full coverage nude you might be in need of, without having to go for a deep pigment or vibrant colour.

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