Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you’re single, cuffed up or just started seeing something, it’s the perfect excuse to dress up and look your absolute best. Apart from doing up your face and hair, you also need to show some love to your digits and level them up to match the vibe. If you’re searching for the best nail art ideas for Valentine’s Day, look no further. Here are five V-Day nail art ideas you can easily recreate at home.


01. Solid red

Solid red

Image courtesy: Payton Harper


Our first pick is a classic red nail paint with a solid pattern. It never goes out of style! Red is such a timeless colour and looks great on every occasion. Whether it’s red lipstick or red nail polish, this shade is absolutely marvellous for V-Day.

How to recreate this manicure:

  • Shape your nails by clipping and buffing them as per your preference.
  • Apply a thin coat of clear nail paint on your nails and let it dry. This will act as a primer for your coloured nail paint.
  • Once it has dried, apply a thin coat of red nail paint.
  • Repeat with another coat if you want an opaque finish.
  • Ultimately, apply a thin coat of a glossy, clear topcoat to give it a sophisticated shine.


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02. Red French tips

Red French tips

Image courtesy: Ishika Das


Red is the colour of the season and nobody can deny that. Nothing is too red on Valentine’s Day. So if you’re as crazy about red as we are but minimalism is your aesthetic, this one is a winner. Red French tips have the same elegance as a regular french manicure with a touch of love.

How to recreate this manicure:

  • Shape your nails in preferably oblong shape for this style.
  • Apply a base coat and let it dry. Once it’s dried, apply a thin coat of nude nail paint to all your nails.
  • Now take your favourite red nail paint and a thin nail art brush. With the dainty brush, apply red all over the tips of your nails.
  • You can either keep the red colour in a slim line or fill the entire portion of your grown nail.
  • Don’t forget a top coat to protect your hard work!


BB Picks: Lakmé 9To5 Primer + Gloss Nail Colour - Cherry Red



03. Glitter and shine

Glitter and shine

If you think ‘more is more and less is bore’, you will love this nail art. Super easy, brings all the trends together and makes a statement. This has everything there is - glitter, accent nail, Valentine touch! You will need three different nail paints for this but it doesn’t require any extra effort.

How to recreate this manicure:

  • Paint the nails of your thumb, pointer finger and pinky finger with a deep red colour.
  • Use a baby pink colour for your middle finger.
  • Lastly, apply glitter nail paint on your ringer finger. You can pick whichever shade of glitter you like for this nail.
  • Repeat coats to get the opacity you want.
  • Apply a glossy top coat at the end and you’re all set!


BB Picks: Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color - Fireside + Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art - T3



04. Just heart it!

Just heart it!

Image courtesy: Nijitha 5515


This nail trend is so adorable that we want to wear it all year round. Solid red nails with the cutest accent will surely win your beau over this V-Day. All you need is two nail paints - a true red and a soft pink.

  • Start by shaping your nails as per your taste and paint your nails red, except for your ring finger.
  • For the ring finger, use a baby pink nail paint all over the nail.
  • Apply another coat of nail paint for maximum pigmentation and get ready for the fun part!
  • Once your ring fingernail is completely dry, dip a thin nail art brush in your red nail paint and draw a miniature heart near the tip of your pink nail.
  • Seal it all in place with a glossy topcoat.


BB Picks: Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Gloss Nail Colour - Pink Origin



05. Xoxo - your valentine

Xoxo - your valentine

Image courtesy: JaimeLxo


This alluring and quirky nail art reminds us of the Valentine’s Day heart candies that had the cutest little notes engraved on them. It looks so fun, fresh and lively. All you need is two shades of nail paint and a detailer brush.

  • This look would be wonderful on every nail shape so file your nails in any size and shape you’d like.
  • Apply a base coat and follow it up with a soft pink nail paint.
  • Let that dry and apply another coat of nail paint as this manicure requires an opaque base.
  • Once that is done, take your small brush, load it up with red nail paint and draw tiny X and O on your nails.
  • You can either draw them on one nail or scatter em around. You can even add a little heart to your pointer finger and take the cuteness to another level!


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