BeBeautiful presents Real Brides in association with Lakmé Salon was a roaring success since the minute we announced the bridal makeover project. We received applications from many, many eager brides-to-be, and one of the lucky winners was Yashvi Shukla, a real film fanatic and she wanted to look every bit the filmy bride.

Yashvi Shukla is a quintessential Bollywood fan and is a choreographer to boot! Yashvi wanted no holds barred and wanted to be a bedecked Bollywood bride. So watch the video as the team goes all out to make sure Yashvi gets her dreamy, filmy makeover!

We handed her over into the capable hands of our panellists, celebrity stylist, Divyak D’Souza, dermatologist and aesthetic physician, Dr Madhuri Agarwal and National Creative Director-Makeup, Lakmé Salon, Anupma Katyal and this is the rather ‘filmy’ transformation that our bride-to-be Yashvi Shukla went through!

real bride filmy dulhan traditional makeover


The major skin concerns that Yashvi had are that her skin sometimes tends to look dull due to frequent weight fluctuations and that she tans quite frequently due to a lot of outdoor activity. Dr Agarwal advised her to stick to using a broad spectrum sunscreen regularly and keep reapplying it every 2-3 hours. Another tip Dr Agarwal gave our dancer bride-to-be was to keep herself hydrated with coconut water and kokum water.

real bride filmy dulhan traditional makeover


Since the outfit was rich in shades of maroon and gold, Anupma decided on a very gold-and-maroon look for Yashvi and added lots of highlighter. She finished with a bright red lip and bindi to really bring out the Indian traditional side of Yashvi.

Pro tip from Anupma Katyal: When doing your eye makeup, wet your eyeshadow brush to intensify the colour. Blend with your fingers if necessary to make the colour transitions smooth.

real bride filmy dulhan traditional makeover


Yashvi’s hair was centre-parted and tied into a sleek low bun, as this perfectly accommodated a statement ‘matha patti’.

real bride filmy dulhan traditional makeover


The first name that pops to mind when you think filmy and dreamy wedding outfits is Neeta Lulla, so Divyak chose a maroon and gold embellished stunning lehenga for the bride-to-be, with dramatic tasselled sleeves, which are sure to dance along with our choreographer bride!