Manicure Maximalists, Rejoice! Wild And Quirky Nail Designs Are Trending Hard Rn

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
Manicure maximalists, rejoice! Wild and quirky nail designs are trending hard RN

Nail art has been simple for the most part. If someone wanted an out of the box nail art, a vibrant shade or colouring the index finger in a different shade were a few options they’d go for. But over the years, we’ve seen some major transformation in manicure options. From halo and marble nails to animal print and zig zag nails, there are plenty of options to choose from.

At this point, there are two categories of nail art. One that is minimal and includes delicate designs or beautiful colour combinations. And the other one that requires more than just basic manicure skills and tons of embellishments. Singers Rosalia and Dua Lipa are fans of the second category, and their wild and quirky manicures are testimony of their love for extraordinary nail art designs.

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Image courtesy: @rosalia.vt


Rosalia has a rad nail art for every music video, it has sort of become her signature style. You just can’t miss her on-point nail art in the music videos; in fact, she looks unrecognizable without them. If you love experimenting with nail art and wouldn’t mind walking around some heavy embellishment on your fingertips, scroll through Rosalia’s Insta profile to get some inspiration.

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Image courtesy: @dualipanails


Dua Lipa is another celebrity who made headlines because of her wild nail art at the 2020 Met Gala. Bright, bold and unique nail art is Lipa’s go-to manicure option. Her manicure is such a rage among fans that there’s an Instagram account specially dedicated to her quirky manicure! How cool is that?


Image courtesy: @dualipanails

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