French Manicure: The Best Way To Ace Your Nails

Written by Kadambari SrivastavaNov 30, 2023
French Manicure: The Best Way to Ace your Nails

The French do it just right; the kiss, the perfumes, the Eiffel Tower, et all. There is beauty and elegance to everything. Their beauty regimens are also just as suave. The French manicure is an amazing way to keep your hands and nails in the best shape, beautiful enough to catch attention and strong enough to sustain heavy tasks so that you take on the day with unfaltering confidence. And just, maybe, saunter off to that party in the evening with your fingertips looking just as debonair.

In this article, we will tell you all about this nail grooming technique which is a lot more than your regular manicure.


What are the essentials required for a French manicure?

FAQs on French manicures

A French manicure does not take much time. But it surely takes precision and the right instruments. It is important to have all the right things handy so that you can perform one step after the other and stop once the entire procedure of the French manicure is over. One important aspect of getting your French manicure right is being consistent and fast, with the right accuracy.

The first step towards it is collating everything you need and keeping it right by your side, whether you do it yourself or get it done by someone else. Pick up everything mentioned in the list mentioned above, from cotton balls, nail paint remover and base coat to a white polish and topcoat.

Once you have everything with you, then is the time to start with the procedure.


How to do a French Manicure?

FAQs on French manicures

There are a few steps to do a French manicure. As we said, the best way to do it is by gathering all the stuff you need and then follow every step consistently and with precision. Be especially careful with the cuticles as they get really soft and sensitive due to constant soaking and buffing. A word of caution; if you are not that confident, go to a salon. Or get a friend to do it for you, who has some experience with it.

That being said, it is not a difficult procedure. The products are handy, everyday essentials and the look is easily achieved.

Let’s chart out these steps in detail for you, so that you know the exact thing to do to get those gorgeous French nails, drenched in red or just the plain old ‘my-nails-but-better’ look. Let’s go!


Step 1: Prep it up

FAQs on French manicures

The first step is to prep your nails and hands for the process. Clean your hands thoroughly and your nails too, to get rid of any dirt, oil and grime. This is the canvas for your French manicure, so it better be clean. Also, remove any nail paint or residual thereof. Make it squeaky clean.


Step 2: Soak it up

FAQs on French manicures

Once you are done with it, soak your hands in a bowl of warm water. You can even add some sea salt to it to make it a soothing experience. After a few minutes, when your cuticles are softened, use a cuticle remover to push them back and into place. Every cuticle remover comes with two ends. While one end is used to push the cuticle back, the second one is used to remove the dirt trapped underneath the nails.


Step 3: Buff it up

FAQs on French manicures

Once you are done with the cuticles, it's time to buff and smooth out the surface of your nails. This makes it a clean and clear surface for applying the base coat. It also adds a natural shine by getting rid of the rough ridges.


Step 4: Apply the base

FAQs on French manicures

Now, apply the base coat. Let it dry. Post that, apply the nail paint of your choice. You can skip applying the coloured nail paint though if you wish to go for a natural look. Let the coat/nail paint dry completely before moving on to the next step.


Step 5: Place the guides

FAQs on French manicures

After your base coat is completely dry, place the nail guides on your nails. Small pieces of tape cut just fine would also do. However, you should de-glue the tapes before you place them. No French manicure worked well with the tapes being stuck fast to the nails and then chipping off the hard work while being removed. You can do that by pasting and removing it at the back of your hand till all the glue comes off, but is just enough to still stick to the nail.


Step 6: Paint it

FAQs on French manicures

With the nail guides on, use the white nail polish to paint the nail tips. Keep it clean. If you feel it is sheer, wait for the first coat to dry and then apply the second coat. It should come out completely opaque and should be on the nail tips in even strokes so that there are no uneven edges.


Step 7: Seal it

FAQs on French manicures

After the nail tip is painted, it’s time to seal the separate coats on the nail and the nail tip. The best way to do it is by using a top coat. This is also the last step in your French manicure and seals the deal pretty well. Apply the top coat and let it completely dry. And you are done! Perfect French manicure in just a few steps.


FAQs on French manicures

FAQs on French manicures

Q. Can I do a French manicure at home?

A. Yes, if you have all the things you need and you follow the steps with precision, you can do it yourself. Everything needed is easily available at drugstores too. Just have all the supplies with you, follow the steps and you are done with the French manicure.

Q. How long does a French manicure last?

A. It depends on how actively you use your hands in acts such as washing, dry cleaning, etc. Normally, a French manicure lasts three to four days. In some cases, where the hands do minimal work, it may even last for up to seven days. Let’s just say, if you want your manicure to last long, make sure you do not use your hands actively. But even then, know that the realistic span of manicured nails is not more than half a week.

Q. Do my nails need to be a specific length?

A. Well, nails can be of any specific length to get a French manicure. There is no need for it to be long. That means even if you have short nails, you can possibly get it done or do it yourself and give your nails a makeover.

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