5 Must-Have Grooming Tools For Men

Written by Chandni GhoshDec 08, 2017
Gone are the days when men didn’t pay heed to grooming. Today, men pay as much attention to their hair and nails as they do to their wardrobe. So if you’re a man who likes fancy grooming tools that’ll help you in your everyday habits, here’s a low-down...

Beard trimmer

Fragrant deo spray

We’re all for bearded rugged guys. But even those with bold beards like to trim their facial hair a wee bit to look groomed. Precisely why a beard trimmer is of utmost importance to every man who’s sporting facial hair.


Pocket comb

Fragrant deo spray

Sure, women might be obsessed with their hair but even men like their styled hair to stay just the way it is. And for that, they need a handy pocket comb when he wants to tidy up. So boys, don’t forget to slip in a smart wooden comb in your pockets before stepping out.


Hair gel

Fragrant deo spray

A hair gel is one of the most essential hair products for a man. From styling a pompadour to hair that’s been brushed back, it is a hair gel that keeps your look together. We suggest relying on a hair gel like the Brylcreem Shine Protect Hair Styling Gel. Enriched with polymer, this product will give your hair hold and shine for as much as 24 hours!



Fragrant deo spray

An electric shaver is perfect for the man who’s looking for a much closer shave. The blades don’t slide over your skin so you don’t even have to worry about any kind of irritation that usually comes from the regular razors. How perfect!


Fragrant deo spray

Fragrant deo spray

Nothing’s sexier than a man who smells good. This is why you should rely on a deo at all times. We suggest using the Axe Signature Champion Body Perfume that along with lending you a strong masculine fragrance, also keeps body odour away.

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