Ran Out Of Dry Shampoo? Try These Alternatives Instead

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Ran out of dry shampoo? Try these alternatives instead

Long live the person who invented dry shampoo! Whether you woke up late, were just too lazy to wash your hair or wanted to extend the life of your look, dry shampoo has always been your go-to product. But have you ever been in a situation where your hair was a greasy mess and that can of dry shampoo also gave up on you? What a nightmare! To make sure it doesn’t happen again, we’ve found a few alternatives that will do the trick.

You will find these quick-fix dry shampoo alternatives in your home (well, most of them). So the next time you run out of dry shampoo, use one of the alternatives below and you will get the same results!


Baby powder

Dust some translucent powder

Many of you are already aware of this alternative and it is one of the best! It is super affordable, smells amazing and it’s not difficult to find. Simply sprinkle the powder on your roots and brush through your hair. It will absorb all the oil and soak up any build up to make your hair look fresh and non-greasy. If you have dark hair, be sure to double check for white residue.


Hand sanitiser

Dust some translucent powder

While most dry shampoo alternatives work by absorbing oil and dirt from your hair, the alcohol in hand sanitisers breaks them down and cleanses your hair and scalp. Simply massage a small amount of solution onto your roots using your fingertips. This will break down the oils and debris and leave your hair looking fresh.


Dust some translucent powder

Dust some translucent powder

Yes, the same translucent powder that you dust on your t-zone to control oil and get a matte finish can also be used to remove grease from hair. Using a huge fluffy powder brush, take some translucent powder and dust your roots. Fake cleaner hair in a jiffy!

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