Wondering how to get thicker locks? Fall back on our 5 unfailing tips that are sure to give you compliment-worthy strands. 

There’s no doubt that having thick and luscious locks is an immediate look booster. After all, it does accentuate your face structure and give your entire look a bit of a bounce. I mean, imagine a face full of no makeup; clean and natural beauty teamed up with a bouncy mane. It’s safe to say, one will definitely turn heads. However, the route to a head full of enviable hair is a product of many factors. So now, we’re talking - how to make your hair thicker? Inclusive of genetics, diet, seasonal changes and hormones - yes,  all these factors are the ones we can’t control, however we also have the ones we can AKA our beloved hair products. Inclusive of oils, shampoos and conditioners; these magic potions that have a considerable hold on our hair’s texture, volume and overall appeal. Hence, maintaining an A1 lifestyle and using the right products is a no brainer. However, the real deal is to ensure your hair continues to make your locks look glam, great and thick in the long run. And while good hair products and nutrition do their bit, for that extra hair thickness you need an extra push. And what’s that? Well, to help you get the mane of your dreams and all the compliments in town, we’re about to show you how to get thicker hair. Scroll down to know it ALL!  

5 Tips to Make Your Hair Thicker 

Luscious locks await you…and here’s how to make your hair thicker  

1. Tip #1: Biotin has got your back  

how to make your hair thicker biotin

If you’ve gone to a hair specialist or have ever got your hands on a hair product that does what it says then you must know the secret sauce is biotin. The go-to answer when asked how to make your hair thicker,  biotin supplements aid the promotion of hair growth and may even add a certain lustre to your hair. And who has a problem with shiny strands? So much so, this magical ingredient also provides vital nutrients to prevent hair fall and breakage — yes, this means more embarrassing broken strands, clogged drains and thin hair braids. After all, the essential amino acids present in biotin additionally helps in strengthening your hair and in preventing the clogging of hair follicles. So, if thick hair is your goal, biotin should be in your intake bowl. 

2. Tip #2: Keratin kick  

how to make your hair thicker keratin

If you’ve got long fingernails and love it, the K world is no stranger to you — you are kind of besties with Keratin! And if you’re wondering how to make your hair thicker - this supplement is all that you need. Keratin def makes your hair thicker by adding to your hair's structural integrity and giving it a luminous texture to it as it grows - I mean, we do know of drag and drab long locks.  

And if you’re a regular heat user and can’t stay away from the blowdry, keratin also protects your follicles from such damage. Some treatments work specifically to hide the damage while others work in collaboration with the help of additional ingredients that help to smoothen and straighten your hair for an extensive period of time. So, if the world of keratin is one that attracts you, just prepare yourself for compliments and of course, thicker hair. 

3. Tip #3: Vitamin B to the rescue 

how to make your hair thicker vitamin b

Hey there, avo toast and salmon lovers, you’re in luck! Rich in vitamin B, these tasty foods do more than pleasing the palate, they know how to make your hair thicker. How? Well, vitamin B is a water-soluble dietary supplement which improves the metabolic activity in your body, helping break down the proteins, carbohydrates and minerals required for the comprehensive growth of your body much better. So as to say,  it is like the building block of your body and has a direct impact on your energy levels, on your brain functioning, and on cell metabolism.  

And when talking about hair health, this star vitamin boosts the natural production of these essentials and provides your scalp with all the nutrition it needs. Plus, it doesn’t only lead to thick hair directly but also spreads its charm indirectly by stabilising all your hormonal secretions in your body and enabling your body to live a more balanced, healthier lifestyle! 

4. Tip #4: PABA for thicker hair  

how to make your hair thicker PABA woman long brown hair

It’s a long name so an abbreviation is required. Don’t believe us — Para-Amino Benzoic Acid is a Vitamin B derivative available in a complete line of individual and combinational supplement formulas in Vit B products. What does it do? Well, more than just a complex name it helps in avoiding the premature greying of hair and keeps every strand’s natural gloss infraction. In addition, the unique combination formula will help you restore your natural hair colour and even prevent your hair follicles from losing the essential melanin enzyme. So, all those hair colour efforts in the parlour can never really go to waste.  

And if you don’t invest in making PABA a part of your lifestyle, early greying and lifeless locks may soon be approaching. The production of this enzyme usually decreases with age, preventing your hair follicles from retaining their true colour and PABA delays this cycle to a considerable extent, giving your hair a youthful appearance. So, the next time you see someone with thick and fab locks, before thinking about a blowdry and colour, think of PABA; for it could be the right answer. 

Top Pick #5: The Diet drama 

how to make your hair thicker diet woman long brown hair

If you’re spending hours pondering over how to make your hair thicker, believe in the power of eggs and follow your love for meat. These foods are loaded with just what’s needed for thick hair; proteins and biotins that are essential for getting healthy luscious hair.  As for vegetarian options, cauliflower and spinach are your beauty buddies.   

These food items contain some of the highest biotin and keratin levels amongst the leafy green vegetables. Dry fruits such as almonds are also very high in keratin content. Your favourite kind of cheese might lead to an increase in weight but it too is loaded with biotin.  Amongst the variety of cheeses available, Cheddar is very high in biotin content - and who is complaining? Apart from all these delicious alternatives, mushrooms and kidney beans also help lift the keratin consistency of your body. 

What are the Side Effects to Supplements used for Thick Hair?  

how to make your hair thicker mirror woman brown hair

Even though all of these nutrients are extremely beneficial, especially with respect to your beauty goals, it is essential to know your intake quantity. If taken excessively, any supplement can cause certain side effects and imbalances in your body. And to warn you about all that unwarranted trouble, we’re here with a list of side effects that you must be aware of.  

  1. First of the list and the one our beauty divas hate, cystic acne that develops along the chin and the jawline. 

  1. Slower release of insulin and an increase in blood sugar levels, which is particularly important from the point of view of diabetic patients or people with high blood pressure. 

  1. Stomach discomfort, including nausea, cramping, and diarrhoea. 

  1. Severe skin rashes resulting from the excessive intake of supplements, wherein the blood vessels become inflamed because the immune system perceives biotin as foreign material. 

FAQs about Tips to Make Your Hair Thicker  

FAQ how to make your hair thicker

Untangling your doubts…  

Q1. What kind of shampoo should I use to thicken my hair? 

A1. To thicken your hair you must use a shampoo that’s sulphate and paraben-free. Having such harmful chemicals in your hair will damage your hair’s structure and quality. If in doubt, we suggest the best shampoo and conditioner duo for longer and thicker locks, the Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner  or if you’re on the hunt for shampoo and conditioner combo that loaded with the goodness of natural elements, we swear by Love Beauty & Planet Volume and Bounty Conditioner with Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower Aroma.

Q2.  How to make your hair thicker in an inexpensive way? 

A2. Loved by everyone’s grandmas and moms, head massages are an A1 way of getting the blood flowing. Running one's fingertips in small circular motions with moderate pressure on the head will break up the scar tissues and promote more and faster hair growth.